How Jealous Is Your Partner, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

How Jealous Is Your Partner, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

We all act differently when we feel danger, so it is important to know how jealous your partner is according to their zodiac sign.

Everyone at some point in our life wants to "take care" of the love of our better half, that is why there is a possibility that yours has strange behaviors with you. For this reason, experts in studying the stars mention how jealous your partner is, according to their zodiac sign.

It is worth mentioning that all people manifest these types of emotions differently, due to their personality, so if you approach astrology you will be able to identify how jealous your partner is, according to their zodiac sign.


People born under this sign are distinguished by being competitive and energetic, therefore it is a sign that does not support living under suspicion or mistrust. They tend to want to be the center of attention and the number one in everything, therefore they will take good care of their partner. Knowing that they prefer another person is something that they will not allow.

How jealous is your jealous according to its sign. Photo: Pexels
How jealous is your jealous according to its sign. Photo: Pexels


They are the most stubborn, romantic, possessive and jealous of the zodiac. So this says it all. It is a rather suspicious sign in the relationship, apart from being very possessive, it thinks that the partner belongs to it. He is also extremely loyal, although he is very open to forgive infidelities and move forward, unfortunately he does not know how to forget, so all his life he will remember what happened. And watch out is quite a spiteful sign.


People born under this sign have multiple personalities, therefore you can perfectly hide when you are jealous, however, as soon as the occasion arises, you will not hesitate to let your partner know. He is capable of forgiving, but feeling betrayed, the chances of him being unfaithful are many.


They are the most romantic of the zodiac, apart from the fact that they do not like to create conflicts or have arguments with the loved one unless there is a very powerful real cause to do so. This sign believes in true love and is completely devoted to the relationship. Yet expect the same from the other person.


People born under this sign are the most vain and egotistical of the zodiac. He is distinguished by being extremely jealous since despite having a fairly high ego, he is also very insecure. If there is something that he does not tolerate, it is cheating, therefore if he discovers one, he will move away from his partner, forever.

Virgos show their zeal differently. Photo: Pexels
Virgos show their zeal differently. Photo: Pexels


They are characterized by being the most perfectionists of the zodiac, but they are also quite suspicious, however they will never recognize it. They like to have everything under control, therefore when there is some behavior that they consider strange in the couple or they do not like, they will quickly let you know. You can forgive betrayal and deception, but you will remember it every moment of your life.


The most analytical people of the zodiac are distinguished by having quite developed intuition, therefore you will always notice when something is not right. Although he is very empathetic and knows how to place himself in the shoes of the other to understand and forgive what happened, he tends to distrust the partner. In spite of everything he understands and is sympathetic.


The most sensual and mysterious of the zodiac, as well as those born under the sign of Taurus, have a special place on the list of those who are jealous, since they are excessively so apart from being distrustful and possessive, it could even be ensured that they have a personality controller.


They are the most independent and adventurous people in the zodiac. This sign usually forgives infidelities because it thinks that we can all make mistakes from time to time. However, he is not exempt from committing the odd madness when he is jealous of the person he loves. He is quite direct, for this reason when he feels insecure he will let his partner know, how bad he sometimes does not use the right words and is usually harsh and sarcastic.

Your zodiac sign mentions how jealous you are. Photo: Pexels
Your zodiac sign mentions how jealous you are. Photo: Pexels


It is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, but also one of the most confident and focused on the important things in life. When you are in a relationship you know that trust is of the utmost importance, that is why you will give the vote of confidence to your better half. When it comes to infidelities, they seem pointless to him and he will try not to conflict over them.


They are the most creative of the zodiac, but when it comes to relationships, they are too afraid of commitment. Leaving relationships does not cost him much work, therefore he does not worry about jealousy and they know how to forgive and even forget very easily.


People born under this sign are the most fanciful in the zodiac, they feel that all relationships are rosy, therefore infidelity is one of their greatest fears, it represents something terrible for them. They will never be able to person, much less forget. You will always feel guilty for the betrayal. Therefore when they feel jealous their anger will not be with the other person but with themselves.