Laura Bozzo already has someone to defend her, Jolette advises her

Laura Bozzo already has someone to defend her, Jolette advises her

If anyone knows what the hard attacks of Lolita Cortés are like, it is undoubtedly the former Academician Jolette Guadalupe Hernández Navarrete, who now inspires Laura Bozzo not to let herself

Well they say that entertainment programs are precisely for that, so that the public is entertained and at the same time finds out what is happening in the world of entertainment, although it is true, not all types of programs are to the taste of the public. public, but for this you have to do something to raise the rating.

In this case, the morning paper TODAY, which has been popular with the public for several years, recently unveiled its new section entitled Las estrellas bailan en TODAY, a dance contest in which different figures from the show business participate. and where the judges are made up of the fighter Latin Lover, the host Andrea Legarreta and the controversial Lolita Cortez.

One of the contestant couples with which this section began was the one made up of the actor Carlos Bonavides and Anel Noreña, but she had to leave the competition due to osteoarthritis problems, so it was Laura Bozzo who asked for the opportunity to be Carlos’s partner in the contest, to which the judges agreed.

Since Laura entered, her performance has been harshly criticized by Lolita Cortez, who has distinguished herself by her strong and energetic character when it comes to issuing a criticism, as many will remember those back and forth between her and the former academic Jolette, whom He told her countless times that he was no good at singing.

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Well, now Jolette has decided to raise her voice and support the Peruvian by advising her not to lose her composure in the face of Lolita’s scathing criticism, but she did so through a video phone call she made to the HOY program with the sole intention of supporting Miss Laura in this contest.

It is not worth it, Mrs. Laura, to lose your composure by criticizing this Mrs. Lolita Cortés, which is the only thing she knows how to do, she does not leave this character, that those of us who see it from the outside really see it as false and exaggerated.

But Jolette went further and dared to say that the "Iron Judge" is only looking to intimidate those in front of her:

It is not worth allowing yourself to be hurt, hurt, intimidated, by those criticisms that are not worth it, I really invite you to completely ignore that criticism destined to destroy.

Finally Jolette asked Laura to enjoy this great moment and not get carried away by the criticism of Lolita Cortés:

Please be careful and enjoy this moment because you are going to carry beautiful memories in your heart, you have to understand that this is intentional, that it seeks to destroy, do not let it enter your mind, your heart, your system. Enjoy this and I send you a big kiss.

During Jolette’s message to Laura, Lolita couldn’t help but make faces, but she didn’t talk about it and reserved her comments, but when it came time to criticize, she wasn’t as strict as on other occasions, the only thing she asked of Laura is not hiding out of respect for her criticism and assured that a clean slate is better from that moment on.