What is the worst year of a marriage

What is the worst year of a marriage

The details, the differences and the new changes that a couple undergoes is usually devastating, especially the first year of marriage

You can have a wonderful wedding, full of magic, overflowing love, but once they enter the house of the newlyweds, things change , although the first days there is a lot of love, the rest become differences.

Experts affirm that the first year of newlyweds is the worst of all , couples who have been consistent and with several years together argue that the first is crucial to define whether the relationship will last.

Love is what can help a lot in this matter of the differences that arise in the first year of marriage.

The first year of marriage is often difficult. Photo: Pixabay
The first year of marriage is often difficult. Photo: Pixabay

Why is it the most difficult?

First, because the claims of "You always leave the bathroom lid up" will begin. "You leave your clothes lying around." This, more than a joke, is usually one of the first differences that add up to have problems in marriage.

for the pregnancy

If the first year they decide to have a baby, pregnancy is usually a stage that changes and revolutionizes everything they can imagine, at first if it is planned they could bear everything, but if they did not plan it, unwanted frustrations, guilt, desires to do things but with this responsibility they can no longer. Some marriages usually work it out with the help of a therapist or advice and support from the family, while others do not fight and separate at 8 months or when the baby is born.

The fatigue

It is not the same as being fresh and well perfumed one day in courtship to welcome each other so that they can begin to carry out all their daily activities and responsibilities, and being in the same space, suddenly you will see your now wife, without makeup and with good looks. because for some things at home they have to feel comfortable. Like the man who goes out to work, (in the event that only he works), at the end of the day one is more tired than the other and there may be a first rejection when wanting to have intimacy.

When is the happiest year?

The happiest year is the third year, specialists agree that this is the year in which they accept each other as is. The affections and defects are accepted and they learn to live in harmony with their differences, it does not mean that it is the most perfect, but it does mean that they are most accepted as they are.