Lyn May Says Goodbye To Her Friend Wanda Seux, She Remembers Her

Lyn May Says Goodbye To Her Friend Wanda Seux, She Remembers Her

Through his Twitter account and in an interview for Mexican television, Lyn May spoke about the death of Wanda Seux

After the death of the star Wanda Seux was announced this afternoon, the condolences from some celebrities did not wait, but the most expected were those of her companions such as Lyn May.

Lyn May gave various statements after the death of Wanda Seux was announced. The star also remembered her friend and partner in the last moments of her life.

Wanda Seux with Lyn May are two of the benchmarks of the era of vedettes in Mexican popular culture, why had always been united despite some differences that had some years ago, the subject of which also spoke Lyn May.

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The news about the death of the star Wanda Seux at the age of 72 shook the entire Mexican show business where he was a benchmark for the success he had in the theater, film and television of Mexico during the 70s and 80s.

Faced with this sad news, Lyn May, friend and partner of Wanda Seux during practically her entire career, said goodbye to her through her Twitter account, where she wrote the following:

“Dear colleague and friend, you have embarked on the journey to the place where we will all arrive. See you soon, dear Wanda X !!! " . Wrote the star.

But it was not all, but in an interview that was carried out for the show program “De primera mano”, Lyn May opened up and revealed details of the relationship he had with Wanda Seux and how he lived the last moments with Wanda .

“I am very shocked, very sad, worried because I had been ill for a long time and we were getting along very well. You know it was from the age of beauties, from my time ” . Lyn May said.

In addition, the star spoke about the distance they had after Wanda spoke about Lyn May’s daughters, but clarified that right now that does not matter because Wanda is no longer present.

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