Men ask: How to make a married woman fall in love with text messages

Men ask: How to make a married woman fall in love with text messages

If your goal is to make a married woman fall in love, you should pay close attention to your conquest plan, because it is not easy to make them believe in your words of love

Many men are excited about a married woman and they can’t get her out of their minds, they don’t want to give up until they conquer her love, that’s why they ask how to make someone who is in a marriage fall in love with text messages , from the outset they have to know that they don’t fall for simple cheesy words, they have to be shown everything with facts, but with discretion.

Wanting to be by the side of a married woman is not an easy task, that’s why men ask how to make her fall in love with text messages, what to say, what to write to her, what details to omit, but before they get completely involved in getting her to listen to them , first they have to investigate if they really have a slight chance, for that they have to know how things are with their husband.

When the woman is not happy in her marriage, when she and her husband live as enemies under the same roof, then the mission to make her fall in love does have hope of obtaining favorable results, it is only necessary to take firm steps in this plan to make you love her. consider yourself as a good prospect and believe in yourself.

Men ask: How to make a married woman fall in love with text messages. Photo: Pexels.

1. Are you okay? Do you need something?: If something makes a married woman interested in someone else, it is the carelessness they have on the part of her husband, because he no longer asks how her day was, or how she felt. She feels and if she needs something, so you have to make a difference with small gestures like worrying about her, you have to know how to listen to her, that is the key to start earning her love and attention.

2. You are very beautiful, what I would give for an opportunity with you: Filling her with compliments is also important, make her feel beautiful no matter how old she is, if she is thin, with extra pounds, with makeup or without makeup, a compliment that is Telling him could completely change your mood, since it is very rare that you hear a compliment from your husband.

3. I have something for you, a surprise that I know you will like : It is not that I am materialistic, but I am sure you will love receiving a surprise like this without it being your birthday or something special, you just have to give it a detail for the simple fact of existing , you just have to be discreet, you don’t have to give him very notorious gifts either, it can be a bracelet, some earrings, some sweets that he likes.

4. I know that your children come first and that makes me admire you more, you are a good mother: A married woman with children should also be conquered taking into account her children, and this does not mean that they should be bought with details also for them, but you have to make it clear that you know that children are their priority, that they deserve love, attention and care, tell them that you admire their role as a mother and make them understand that you accept them with everything and their heirs.

5. I know very well what I want with you and what I want to offer you: You are already in a failed marriage, in a relationship that is nothing like you thought, why should you trust another man? whoever suits her has to show her from the beginning what she wants, what she is looking for and what she has to offer, directly and bluntly, because she does not want to waste time, so she must have a life plan by her side.