In chikini Ana Paula Capetillo makes them forget Biby Gaytán as a young man

In chikini Ana Paula Capetillo makes them forget Biby Gaytán as a young man

Ana Paula Capetillo, daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo, surprised everyone on networks by showing a spectacular figure, worthy of the eternal beauty of her mother, who is also a goddess

As a result of the relationship between Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán , Eduardo Capetillo Jr. , Alejandra Capetillo, Ana Paula Capetillo, Daniel Capetillo and Manuel Capetillo were born, but this time we are going to focus on Ana Paula , who for a change, showed off in a chikini doing that they would easily forget Biby Gaytán when he was young.

Ana Paula had recently announced that her intentions were to venture into the world of acting, and apparently she has everything to succeed, from the talent that her parents have clearly inherited, to an enviable figure that she showed from the paradisiacal beaches from Xcaret where he decided to take a well-deserved vacation .

In a two-piece chikini with a blue hue, Ana Paula exhibited her beauty, also using various accessories that she combined perfectly, and by sharing that relaxing moment of her life, she captured all eyes, because although Biby Gaytán has always been extremely beautiful, Ana Paula has also come to impose herself, which earned her the admiration of all her followers.

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I combine with water, wrote the young woman.

Ana Paula is the second daughter of the five in total that the famous Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo had, and she is the one who truly fills them with pride by wanting to follow in their footsteps, since she was even part of the Vicente Fernández bioseries.

Her mother Biby Gaytán has been a great example of a woman for her, because throughout her career she has performed both in singing, acting and dancing; He also had the privilege of growing up in a very talented family, since his mother was a ballet teacher, and his brothers dedicated their entire lives to music. As if that were not enough, Biby Gaytán will be recognized for having been part of the Timbiriche group with whom she is now her beloved husband.

Eduardo Capetillo, for his part, is not far behind, since by integrating said group for a few years, over time he became more popular and became a soloist, he starred in Baila Conmigo with whom he is now the mother of his children and also obtained leading roles in well-known telenovelas such as Marimar and ¡Long live the children!