Message From Your Guardian Angel For Today October 23

Message From Your Guardian Angel For Today October 23

Discover what message these beings of light called Guardian Angels have for you

The guardian angels will always have a positive message for you , in addition to some details that call them alert messages where they prevent you from some things, remember that each zodiac sign has its guardian angel , look for it and find out what it means to you. You have to say.

The energies of each human being are constantly moving what could have been one day, the other will never be the same, in each of the messages that are established here, it goes according to the tasks and functions of each angel. A list of zodiac signs has been established with the name of your angel.

Discover what the guardian angels have for you and open your heart to receive the good energies of divinity, virtue and love, convert each occasion to release tension and relax your body to heal aspects. Discover through your sign of the zodiac this special message.

Message from your guardian angel. Photo: Unsplash

Archangel Samael of ARIES

The message of your guardian angel Samael, has to do with your health, it says that the measures you are taking are not the most correct that you should visit a specialist, and that you do not forget to make your request today, you must write it in the candle that you are going to light, make sure it is green. It purifies your thoughts and heals your body.

Angel Ambriel from GEMINI

The message for Gemini from his angel Ambriel is to stop lamenting so much, you just have to close your eyes, see that you can solve yourself and that you cannot solve, the rest is God’s work, that things are channeled little by little. Today your angel will be projecting your heart.

Angel Muriel from CANCER

The message for cancer from her angel Muriel is that you do not get distracted so much by irrelevant things, that you better do productive activities. "I am to protect your being, do not waste valuable time of your life in discussions or criticisms that only show that there is no peace in your heart, ask me and I will grant the good so that you have harmony in your soul"

Archangel Michael from LEO

The message for Leo from his angel Miguel is that you also have wings, these are the freedom to go wherever you want, that you have a dream to fulfill and that you do not have to be afraid, things will turn out well, your angel is preparing the way so you don’t have so many obstacles. A prayer to your angel would not go wrong at all.

Archangel Raphael of VIRGO

The message for Virgo from his angel Rafael is that you sometimes feel exhausted, sad or very sleepy, it is because your body is warning you that you are a little sick, sometimes they are toxins and they generate bad vibrations, what it does is that cut off communication with your guardian angel, you must purify your body, detoxify it.

Angel Samael from LIBRA

The message for Libra from his angel Samael says that half truths are also lies, that you must be more sincere with everyone, but especially with yourself, that you leave a glass of water in your bedroom and make a cross as a sign of faith. This will help you connect with your inner self while you sleep and that the next day it will be your angel who will shelter you with her wings full of love and radiant energy.

Angel Azrrael from SCORPIO

The message for Scorpio from his angel: Have more faith in yourself, you have been defeated by your own thoughts, no one will come with a magic wand to make you strong, the best thing is that you are the one who opens his mind to understand that you are a full being of love with the freedom to become whatever you want. Your angel advises you to close your eyes and pray for yourself.

Angel Zadquiel from SAGITTARIUS

The message for Sagittarius from his angel: Ignore the gossip, these are negative energies used by people who have no idea what true brotherly love is, to share the happiness of harmony, do not be the one who falls into provocations, concentrate on repel all malicious action towards yourself.

Angel Cassiel from CAPRICORN

The message for Capricorn from his angel: It is good that you are an adult but do not confuse maturity with being so strict with yourself and with others, you must find your inner child, you have left him behind and you do not allow him to laugh out loud, to act from time to time jokes, look for it because you really need it. "I am here to give you love, protect you, but you must work hard on yourself."

Angel Uriel of AQUARIUS

The message for your angel’s aquarium: Let yourself be carried away by the currents of energies that I have for you, do not forget me, I hear you complain about your life, when you have everything to be happy, I want to hug you but do not leave me, please Let me shelter you with the mantle of my radiant light to help you see life more pleasantly and in harmony with what you are with what there is.

Angel Azariel from PISCES

The message for Pisces from his angel: Do not worry, the power of God is infinite, your loved one will be fine, do not lose faith, you are on the right path of knowledge and discovering how the energies flow little by little. Today I will make you feel the powerful love that connects us, the signs I will show you during the day.

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