Now she is going to sing, Yalitza Aparicio sings "If you had me" by Lucero and Mijares

Now she is going to sing, Yalitza Aparicio sings

Yalitza Aparicio is a case of cuteness and not only is she dedicated to acting, she also shows that singing is her thing

From the little that is known about Yalitza Aparicio’s family, it is that her sister Luna Edith is a singer and has a talented voice, but she is not the only one who dares to surprise, because the actress also knows about the sung and She has been encouraged to interpret "If you had me" by Lucero and Mijares, several of her followers ask her if she is going to sing now so that everyone can hear her on stage.

Talent runs through the veins of Yalitza Aparicio, since both her sister and she like to sing and the protagonist of Roma now, in addition to acting, is going to sing, and she gave a sample of how well she does it by singing "if I you had" by Lucero and Mijares, sharing the result through social networks and where he divided the opinions of the public.

Yalitza Aparicio has not only shown that she has character for acting by being nominated for an Oscar , she still impresses showing that she is a whole case of cuteness and that she can also succeed in singing, through a YouTube channel a video was shared where she appears singing, can you imagine the Oaxacan on big stages making the public dance and sing?

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The one who has not stopped causing a stir in recent weeks is Yalitza Aparicio, and in addition to announcing that she was nominated for the 2022 Youth Awards, which will take place on Thursday, July 21, in the category called "My Actress Preferred", it was also announced that she would be part of the cast of the series "Mujeres Asesinas".

The young woman from Oaxaca is about to score another success in her career, since she will appear in a series, there she will act and she is very excited about the opportunity that has been presented to her, the project is called " Mujeres Asesinas" and from what is known , the actress will be the protagonist of the first chapter of this project, but not everything ends there, because apparently she also wants to try her luck at singing.

And it is that Lucero shared a video through her YouTube channel in which she appears singing next to Manuel Mijares her success "if you had me", but Yalitza Aparicio also joins them, although the actress only moves her mouth making it that she is the one performing, but that was enough for her audience to imagine the young woman from Rome singing on big stages.

Until now, the video of Lucero, Mijares and Yalitza Aparicio is at number 16 in trends on this platform and has 76,390 views, leaving divided opinions, as there are those who point out that they would love for the young woman to really sing next to her of these two great artists, because they do not doubt that he also has talent to interpret.

But there were also those who asked the Oaxacan to focus on something and carry out a project that would reposition her in the show, and leave that singing and tiktoks for the experts.

Although we remember that Yalitza Aparicio already debuted as a singer in 2021 with a song that evokes the union of the peoples of America and calls for a fairer world, this song was made in collaboration with the Brazilian reggae band, Natiruts, and the Jamaican musician Ziggy Marley.