Galilea Montijo’s dress that hides a belly and is a trend

Galilea Montijo's dress that hides a belly and is a trend

In queen of trends mode, Galilea Montijo dazzles in Netas Divinas, with a great dress that quickly became the object of desire

Claiming her look on Monday, Galilea Montijo leaves her speechless with a great dress with a wide halter neckline that favors all women because it hides her belly and makes us look tall, the driver wears it with green platforms and a bun high, without a doubt a fresh look for this summer.

In yellow, blue, purple and fuchsia colors, Galilea Montijo boasts on her Instagram this look that she used for the Netas Divinas program this Wednesday, until now and despite the fact that at first they did not accept her in the broadcast, the tapatía has coupled very well with their peers.

In queen mode of trends, Galilea Montijo dazzles with this perfect look for summer , with the right accessories that made the driver’s dress an object of desire for her fans and her friends in the middle who pimped her outfit.

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“You look very beautiful”, “How beautiful” , were some of the comments that were written on her Instagram where she showed off the great dress, her partner in “Hoy”, Andrea Escalona, ​​was one of those who gave her flowers for the beauty she squandered with this trendy outfit.

In the morning she also left more than one speechless, with tight pants in the fashionable lilac color and a square crop top in the same tone with white and those platforms that she likes to wear a lot and that have become a basic element of your wardrobe.

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Very surprised we were with the outfit that Galilea Montijo chose to start the week in "Hoy", despite the fact that it did justice to her shapely legs , it did not reflect the queen of trends that she always is, even the hairstyle did not favor her in the outfit.

Andrea Legarreta’s friend came out with a little short with yellow details, a white top and a shirt with the same details as the short and although she showed off her leg, nothing saved her from leaving much to be desired with her outfit, because it did not favor her at all and for to top it off, her hairstyle didn’t like it either.