Recover All Your Contacts and Numbers Deleted on Whatsapp

Recover All Your Contacts and Numbers Deleted on Whatsapp

If by mistake you got to delete all your contacts and numbers in WhatsApp, there is a solution to recover them again, but it is not possible in all cases, also know about its limitation

WhatsApp is one of the applications that since its arrival, has no date to leave, they have not even been able to reach its level, since the competition is so deficient that it does not even tickle, in fact it is still stronger than ever, well Even with the pandemic, it has managed to position itself, and it is thanks to this unfortunate event that it even rebounded even more in its use and fame.

Daily WhatsApp is used frequently for different uses, from sending and receiving messages with family, friends, co-workers, your crush and much much more; but its tools and functions basically have everything we need to satisfy our needs, so it would be a real chaos if this application is lost or if we lose the signal, because all communication would simply be cut off, and there are people who it runs out of control if you can’t use it.

It is important that when you have time you dedicate yourself to exploring a little more about this very useful tool, so not only do you go to the chat automatically, check all its functions well and learn something new, there could be things that you find interesting and practices, you lose nothing.

It has become so important in its use that we have all had to learn to use it, from young children who already know how to answer calls, send messages, audios, send photos, make video calls and many other things, and of course, also the Older people already know how to do the basics minimally, but no matter how long you have been using it, by mistake we could have deleted the contacts, and today we will teach you how to recover them.

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As a first tip, you should have a backup copy of all your contacts, and if you do not have it, you will have to do the following: Log in to WhatsApp web from your computer, open the box to write the messages, you will notice that they appear all the ones you had registered, select all the ones you want to recover and save them again.

Ready, there you have it, that’s how easy you can do it with this simple and practical trick; although it should be noted that only those contacts that you have recently deleted can be recovered, so if you let too much time go by, you will no longer have a way to recover them.