WhatsApp will stop working on your cell phone for this reason

WhatsApp will stop working on your cell phone for this reason

Incredible but true there are powerful reasons for your Whastapp to stop working and we tell you what they are

Now that every time Whastapp is updated to be at the forefront, it reinvents itself every day to meet the needs that users have required over time. This has also led managers to take action and have shown the reasons why your WhatsApp may stop working.

The main requirement is that if you open a WhatsApp account, it is for you to use it and not for you to have it paralyzed, that is, now Whastapp is monitoring that you are really using your account or else it will be canceled. It may interest you: Mask to relax the eyes and eliminate dark circles

When WhatsApp deletes your account, it sends you a message stating that your account has been canceled. What has happened?. What happened is that the application has had changes and you have not adapted to them, it is possible that you have detected that you almost never use your account and that is why it deleted it. It may interest you: Phrases that an unfaithful man uses when he has a lover

WhatsApp needs to know that you are still using your account or delete it. Photo: Pixabay

Among the new developments of the platform is the "Dark Mode", this is compatible for PC and smartphone, some new stickers have also been added and up to 50 people can join.

The new Whastapp actions are adding forever to be at the forefront of what the user needs, but if you do not use it periodically, it can be eliminated.

If you got a message that "WhatsApp deleted your account", what will happen now? The first thing you should know is that Facebook does not delete your account for anything in the world.

According to the platform, if you go on a study trip and decide not to use the application with the same number, you will not lose any of your conversations, much less your contacts.

And something important is that you can recover all your conversations and even the photos you sent, as long as you saved a backup copy in the Google Drive cloud.