The great dress that did not favor Danna Paola at all

The great dress that did not favor Danna Paola at all

In her first time at the Latin Grammys, Danna Paola wanted to surprise with a spectacular Carolina Herrera dress but she did not totally convince

For Danna Paola, the night of the Latin Grammy this Thursday was special , the singer was nominated for the first time in the category of Pop Vocal Album for her album "KO" and sang her song "Calla tú", the actress was also very excited to be able to attend this event.

And for that occasion, Danna Paola wanted to wear a very special and spectacular dress, so she chose Carolina Herrera, in a black strappless balloon-like dress that divided opinions on social networks, although some fans said that she looked like a princess, very fashionable and that she was one of the best dressed of the night, there were others who said she looked like she was pregnant.

Carolina Herrera’s dress that did not favor Danna Paola , caused many users on social networks to show that the cleavage was not appropriate, and that Eva Luna Montaner, who is waiting for her little Indigo son next to him, would have been better seen. singer Camilo.

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"Beautiful that you looked tonight", "A Goddess", "Spectacular", were some of the comments that were dedicated to him in his publication, but others were not very kind to say "I did not like anything, neither the dress nor the hairstyle" , “I thought it was Frida Sofía”, “Beautiful but her dress horrible”, “she looks very skinny”.

Precisely this thinness has lately worried her fans who wonder if she is sick or has gone with the diet she uses to lose weight, some insist that it is not that she is sick, but that she has become an obsession to look like celebrities like Belinda or like her former “Elite” partner, Ester Exposito.

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A few weeks ago Danna Paola made a video of Tik Tok with her single “Kaprichosa”, where she wears her waistband with jeans and a blouse tied to the torso, but what most caught the attention of users was the appearance with which the image appeared. Mexicana, a very sharp face and a small nose .

Then the singer of "Oye Pablo" dazzled her loyal followers with some photos where she looked beautiful in leather pants and top, that’s when the fans themselves began to notice that the actress looked thinner than usual.