With Danna Paola Skirt, Look Is Premiered And Sings Rbd Theme

With Danna Paola Skirt, Look Is Premiered And Sings Rbd Theme

New look in sight of Danna Paola, the singer left her blonde hair behind and surprised all her followers by singing an iconic RBD song

Overnight Danna Paola left more than one speechless with the radical change of look that was made and although we do not know if it is permanent or not, the truth is that it made her look beautiful; behind was the long blonde hair with almost perfect waves and that was the object of desire for many women.

In her social media stories, Danna Paola shared her new look and some videos of a small presentation for the birthday of one of her friends, where to the surprise of many, she sang an iconic song from the group RBD , “Just stay in silence ”, The record of this fact was thanks to the influencer Kunno.

But let’s talk about the look of Danna Paola that she loved on social networks, with a schoolgirl skirt in yellow, the “Elite” actress wore her short hair up to her chin in shiny black , she put on a hat and black ankle boots to complete the An outfit that attracted the glances of many and set a trend.

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It is presumed that the singer of "Kaprichosa" was accompanied by Alex Hoyer, who many media assure is her sentimental partner, and although Danna Paola has not confirmed anything about it, we must remember those photographs on a yacht on the beaches of Ibiza in Spain where the couple showed themselves to be very affectionate.

Speaking of "Kaprichosa" , the former critic of La Academia premiered the video for this song where she can still be seen with that image of Barbie, glamorous and full of luxury, in the video she shows several changes of clothes, a transparent dress with some glitter stamped letters.

With a schoolgirl skirt, Danna Paola opens her look and sings a RBD theme. Photo: Instagram

Also a pink dress with several layers of tulle and a simpler but at the same time very sophisticated and sensual outfit; making it clear that Danna Paola is no longer the girl we saw in children’s soap operas , her name is still synonymous with success in Spain and in Mexico she is a source of pride.

The singer of "Mala Fama" has been strongly criticized for some changes in her face that they suppose, she could make some arrangements with a scalpel, some fans assured that the new face of Danna Paola is so similar to that of her former partner Ester Expósito . That for this reason has changed its look?