Message From Your Guardian Angel And Prayer For Health

Message From Your Guardian Angel And Prayer For Health

A special message from your guardian angel awaits you in this special mailbox of predictions and advice that As a Couple has for you, it is time to regain faith and hope

The experts in divine readings have for you a special message from your guardian angel for today, January 2, 2021, every human being is cared for by these beings of light, this 2021 is crucial for many signs of the zodiac.

The divine readings are ready to resume what they left in 2020 and empower themselves in 2021, the energies combine both divine and astral, it is the year of the beginning, of patience and decision-making and for this it is important to take into account the message of faith, love and hope that the angels have for you.

Discover the special message that your guardian angel has for you, the human being brings a karmic package, and it is time to know how he may fight to change things in his life, but he simply cannot because it has already been decreed from the Andes to be born. .

Message from your guardian angel and the prayer of health. Photo: Pexels

Archangel Samael of ARIES: It will not be easy to start over, but it is not impossible, you can with that and more and you know it, understanding that your life is destined to be happy and successful usually causes doubts because the lessons that have touched you have been tough, but believe it, abundance is coming for you.

Ángel Hamabiel de TAURO: There is no such thing as a January slope, you are one of the few signs of the zodiac that spent it organizing expenses, you know that you are very detailed even in organizing your income and expenses. A cute girl will give you good advice, take it into account.

Ángel Ambriel de GÉMINIS: Do not compare yourself with anyone and do not think about "I can not", you are a person capable of achieving what you do not imagine, it is a year in which you must connect well, with yourself and with the angels of the keep, they will guide you to abundance and happiness.

Ángel Muriel de CÁNCER: The darkest you see is because it is about to dawn, that nothing disturbs you and that nothing scares you, you are a person who has been working hard and analyzing how to make more money and the strategy consists of not stopping believing in you, you will achieve it.

Archangel Michael of LEO: One of the temptations that you have the most and that you have repeatedly fallen is to spend money on things you do not need or to attend meetings that have nothing to do with you, try to save more this year.

Archangel Raphael of VIRGO: Today a destitute person will be asking for your help, the act of good faith is important, this is represented by giving a coin, but the most ideal is that you dedicate a prayer in the name of God so that you open paths in his life.

Archangel Samael de LIBRA: You are at a time in your life when you need to drink teas, you can no longer eat what you want because your body resents it, try to understand that as the years go by, your life changes and you have to adapt.

Ángel Azrael from ESCORPIO: It is time to think big, to start a special business in which you feel comfortable, it will require good attention and in 6 months you will have great results, lean on your family, but do not put it into the business.

Ángel Zadquiel de SAGITARIO: The truths are uncovered this year, those doubts that you have had about your partner and about other people, will come out like water from a drain, you will not believe everything that your eyes will discover, do not take it as failures, take it as new opportunities to grow and meet more people in your life.

Ángel Cassiel from CAPRICORN: The best year for you is this 2021 will you work hard, and only then will you discover how the bread on your table is worthily earned and how the comforts you obtain will be part of the rewards that await you.

Ángel Uriel from AQUARIUM: Do not forget to place a glass of water this week for half a day so that the same water can be watered in the corners of your house, this is part of a powerful ritual to purify and start again this 2021.

Ángel Azariel de PISCIS: The power of your heart is great, do not stop for anything or anyone, focus on your goal in buying that property that will be your heritage for life. You are great and there are always good things for you.

Prayer: My Guardian Angel, I ask you to always take care of me and my family, more than wealth, I ask you for health, that this new year my family be complete, love. (Do not forget to light a yellow candle, you can pray daily or once a week.