Whatsapp: This is how you know if your ex spies on you and sees your statuses

Whatsapp: This is how you know if your ex spies on you and sees your statuses

If you think that your ex boyfriend has not taken his eyes off you through WhatsApp and that he is still aware of your status and profile picture, this is how you can find out.

When you end a relationship, it is for mental health to delete it from all social networks and even block it from the messaging application, but if you think that it is still aware of what you do and stop doing, it is time to get out of doubt , so to know if your ex spies on you and keeps seeing your profile picture on WhatsApp whenever he can to remind you.

Even if you have removed it from your contact list, a person may find the opportunity to continue observing what you put, what you remove and even who you chat with in this application, so you know if your ex spies on you and continues to see your profile picture, It may be doing it and you don’t even realize that it has already seen the states that you dedicated to your new conquest.

WhatsApp is an application that has millions of users and where too many messages and multimedia files are received and sent daily, that is why Mark Zuckerberg’s app has been concerned about taking care of end-to-end encryption security and others. Methods to keep information safe, but for a hurting ex who clings to you, there are no impossible.

WhatsApp: This is how you find out if your ex spies on you and keeps seeing your profile picture. Photo: Pexels.

Surely it has happened to you that already with your ex you definitely showed that his story could not continue to be written, so it was decided that each person was better, so you have to eliminate him from all social networks, that many cross this action as immaturity, but rather it is for mental and emotional health if you consider that it will help you overcome that stage.

You also delete it from WhatsApp by removing their contact from your mobile and setting your profile picture and status to "only share with my contacts", but if that ex is obsessed with not letting you go, not being happy with someone else and not letting you be happy, then he will probably find within his leisure the way to spy on you through this application.

Your ex partner may be observing who you chat with, what messages you send and receive, your profile picture, your statuses and even those of your contacts, and be careful, it is not that the app does not have security filters, on the contrary, the team has worked to provide from end-to-end encryption to fingerprint recognition so that third parties do not enter your private conversations.

But your ex can be ingenious and while they were walking, he could have taken your cell phone and logged into WhatsApp Web if he entered from his mobile browser and selected the option to "keep the session open", in this way he can be seeing who You talk and even what, but there is a way to know if it does, it is very simple, you just have to enter the application from your cell phone.

Go to the menu located in the upper right part highlighted with three vertical points, when you select it, the WhatsApp Web option will appear, when you press it, the devices and the time in which those sessions were active will appear, if you do not recognize any, you can close them definitively By pressing and selecting "close session", this way your ex will no longer be able to access without your consent.