Whatsapp: Things You Should Never Send To Your Contacts

Whatsapp: Things You Should Never Send To Your Contacts

There are photos, videos, audios or writings that should never go through WhatsApp or your most trusted contact, avoid sending certain things through this application.

Surely your closest means to be in contact with your family and friends is the instant messaging application, out there you send many files and write what you want to communicate, but there are things that you should never send by WhatsApp to your contacts , it is preferable that certain information only stays with you and your cell phone.

In this application launched in February 2009, you are communicating daily with your family, partner , friends, coworkers, schoolmates and if you check, it may be the app that is occupying the most space on your mobile due to all the files that They share you there, but you should know that there are things that you should never send to your contacts.

By WhatsApp you can send photos, gifs, videos, voice notes, audios and stickers, that is incredible to improve communication and express what has to be said, but before sending some things, it is better that you establish a filter yourself in which you say what is prudent to send and what is better if it is left only for you in the internal storage of your phone.

WhatsApp: Things you should never send to your contacts. Photo: Pexels.

Funny or compromising photographs: Sending photographs with a grace or where you are in a compromising situation, will always be a latent risk, since no matter how much you know the person, you do not know what use they can give it, once you send it , the contact can download it and store it on his mobile, having control over that material.

Over time you can go wrong with that person and they can use your photos against you or put you in an even more compromising situation, that’s why you should think very well about what you send, remember that you can use the function of "temporary messages" or "delete for all", that will allow you to delete them in case you have regretted sending it.

Messages with secrets: Not just any contact you can tell so openly some things that are happening to you or where you tell something about someone else, since they can copy and paste that information in another chat or forward it to someone else, so try not to get into messes, it is better only to tell your great stories to people you trust and face.

Do not speak ill of a colleague or your work issues, as they will have evidence that involves you or harms you if something goes wrong, it is already so easy to take screenshots, so it would be better if those work problems are also addressed in person and not by WhatsApp message, less by audio.

Personal data: Do not send the PIN of your card or send photos of your bank accounts, that could be reckless, if the other person or you lose the mobile, they do not know in whose hands it will fall, so do not give that information for WhatsApp so that you do not forget or remember it, better write it down in a safer and more reliable place.