Why There Is No Unfaithful Man

Why There Is No Unfaithful Man

This theory of why there is no unfaithful man has an important explanation that as women we must understand

Saying that there is no unfaithful man will surely bring even more questions and debates, although infidelity is something that is latent and every time there is an increase in it in couples, so what happens?

The subject of infidelity is very extensive and has various theories when a person is unfaithful, he looks to a third party who supplies some needs that he does not have with his partner and initiates it in a conscious or unconscious way, not everything is intimacy.

Why is there no unfaithful man? In most cases we let the man carry the baton of the conquest, to do everything so that the flame of love does not go out and as women we forget basic details that they also need.

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Why there is no unfaithful man. Photo: Pixabay

Over the years, relationships of course change, when we get married the children arrive, the routine is different and there is an increase in responsibilities among all this we are getting involved and we do not realize how we leave the husband in the last place.

When we are in the time of falling in love, displays of affection are the order of the day, something as basic as a kiss is forgotten, you stop saying good morning, ask how it was when you left work and more.

You take responsibility for the house, the children one hundred percent and we forget even about ourselves as women, our appearance changes, we no longer fix ourselves and that honestly makes us feel bad and inadvertently causes us to move away from our partner and it is for us lack of courage.

Men enjoy the details of a daring, surprising woman, the one who gives them an unexpected hug, a show of affection that is only given to special people and what to say about when they are in bed, you have to get carried away with who else if not with your partner.

Sometimes those same women are the ones who are leading someone else to meet the requirements they need and it is not always the intention, but it makes us all feel good to find someone who understands us, understands tastes and is open to communication and do not have a "That’s how I am" response.

And yes, we know that it is not possible to generalize but always in the face of an infidelity we must see both parties, see in what direction it was that they were lost and as women recognize when we also fail, but what we often do is act against "the another ”when she was only there when we stopped doing things that they needed.

So before judging, you have to analyze, you have to have recognition for the men who get up every day to find a livelihood, who have dreams, applaud them for a good act and recognize their achievements, as a couple you have to make a team, have goals if not, it is like moving aimlessly.

Of course, all this also comes from the side of women, of course we know that there are men like women who are unfaithful almost by nature, or at least that is what they appear to be, but there is always a list of reasons.

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