Signs Tempted To Be Unfaithful As Of August 18

Signs Tempted To Be Unfaithful As Of August 18

The transit of Mercury trine Uranus that will take place from August 18 will provide temptations to some signs of the zodiac who will think of betraying their partner

The full moons, meteor showers and different astronomical events will considerably affect some signs of the zodiac, especially in love matters. In fact, those in charge of studying the movements of the stars have identified the signs of the zodiac that will be tempted to be unfaithful to their partner.

The transit of Mercury trine Uranus will not help some people who will not hesitate to betray their partner . You will not mind ending confidence and good coexistence in order to have an adventure. These are the 3 signs of the zodiac that will be tempted to betray their partner from August 18.

The trine of Mercury in Uranus that will begin on August 18, 2021 will cause Aries , Taurus and Virgo to compromise their integrity. For many it will cause some problems. It should be noted that this infidelity is going to go both ways, it can take the form of a physical encounter or it can be an emotional affair waiting to happen.

Signs tempted to be unfaithful from August 18. Photo: Freepik

Aries: The most moved of the zodiac do not exactly need a special celestial transit to justify the desire to love everyone. It could be Mercury in Trine with Uranus or any other event, what is striking in these cases is its explosive personality.

People born under this sign are destined to be polyamorous, however once they fall in love and especially compromise their relationships with monogamous. But as of this August 18, the wand of infidelity will hit him. You will act on your emotions.

Taurus: The most romantic and jealous of the zodiac will have a powerful reason to be unfaithful from August 18: not feeling loved by their partner. You will listen to all your instincts and even if you have doubts you will betray your partner. Although he knows that he is in a committed relationship and will end up breaking a heart and even the relationship, he is going to take a risk.

You will feel that you have the right to betray, as you are human and it is completely natural for you to be tempted to be unfaithful. Of course, he will try to prevent this situation from becoming a lifestyle.

Virgo: The most perfectionist people in the zodiac will not have the courage to go out and cheat on their partner, but they will have the nerve to have an online affair. You will flirt to feel young. So to justify his actions he will blame his action on the other person.

She will tell you that she is boring, limited, unimaginative, and in need of more adventure. You will feel that you are not cheating at all, as it is not something physical but verbal. It will ruin everything for nothing. Remember Virgo not to ruin something beautiful on impulse, you have a lot to lose. It is best if you try to work things out with honest communication, rather than cheating.