Single and empowered Adamari López conquers Paris in an asymmetrical dress

Single and empowered Adamari López conquers Paris in an asymmetrical dress

Who is still on vacation is Adamari López, the driver took a trip to Paris where she was seen dazzling and with a very colorful and flirtatious outfit

The presenter of Telemundo, Adamari López, is on a trip again, and that thing with suitcases and planes has already become a habit for her, and this time she flew to Paris to conquer this beautiful city, and she did it with a look very feminine, with a very colorful asymmetrical dress , and also single and empowered, the compliments have not stopped her from reaching her social networks because of how good she looks.

While her ex Toni Costa gives another chance to love with Evelyn Beltrán, Adamari López prefers to remain single and appear empowered, the beautiful driver traveled to Paris to conquer whoever saw her and did so by modeling an asymmetrical dress that highlighted her figure and her natural beauty, although she was not alone on this adventure, she was accompanied by her inseparable daughter Alaïa.

Through her social networks, Adamari López has shown how well she is having a good time on her vacations, the famous one has shared some details of her trip, from the places she has visited, the restaurants in which she has tasted luxurious dishes and all those postcards that she has taken, the fact that she looks happy, radiant and more beautiful than ever has gone unnoticed by no one.

Adamari Lopez
Photo: Instagram.

Adamari López is conquering the Parisian city with her charm, within the trip that the famous made in the company of her daughter Alaïa, one of her destinations has been Paris, here they have made an obligatory stop to visit the most emblematic points of this place, starting by the Eiffel Tower, where the souvenir photo could not be missing.

Through her Instagram account, the 51-year-old Puerto Rican was seen wearing a white maxi dress with a red print, very colorful, asymmetrical and wearing white tennis shoes, a very basic look , but which was perfect for her to tour Paris and to show off her her charms and that helped her hide that flaccid skin that was left after losing a lot of weight in such a short time.

In one of the photos that she shared on social networks, the Eiffel Tower appears in the background, while she poses lying down wearing her outfit, her hair tied back and her sunglasses, holding many red heart-shaped balloons , letting herself be seen as happy, dazzling and her fans affirm that the presenter liked the divorce wonderfully, because she looks prettier than before.

Since she began to focus on herself and on transforming her figure, users on social networks indicate that her return to singleness also gave her that shine that she had already lost, in addition to helping her empower herself as a woman and now she looks incredible , says everything with that big smile that is present on his face.

Adamari Lopez

In another of the photos he shared, Adamari López appears at the Louvre Museum, there he received compliments on social networks, many agreeing that he looks beautiful, and others asked him how he does it to go on vacation every so often , "Again on vacation?" They questioned her, but she does not focus on the haters and just enjoys herself.

Adamari López is in Paris in the company of her daughter Alaïa and a group of friends, with whom she has spent fun moments in this city and the photos and videos have not been lacking to show off this trip.