Swedish Model To Combat Coronavirus Surprising Experiment

Swedish Model To Combat Coronavirus Surprising Experiment

What did Sweden do about the coronavirus? This is what many wonder since the model seems to be the opposite of those of other countries to avoid contagion

Social isolation and quarantine at home is one of the basic and strict recommendations that most countries in the world have taken in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but the Swedish model is causing controversy.

What did Sweden do about the coronavirus? According to what was pointed out by the epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, the so-called “low scale” model was implemented, which is about continuing to maintain a normal life in itself but following each one the recommendations of the health sector.

There is no mandatory confinement, what is intended is that the majority of the population has at a certain point contact with the virus to achieve immunity, there are thousands of infected but with this the maximum point of contagion is reached to quickly lower them.

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Swedish model to combat coronavirus that surprises the world. Photo: Pixabay

Sweden is even close to reaching 24 thousand infected with covid-19, among which there are 2,941 deaths and 4,074 recovered according to the statistics of this May 6, 2020, the strategy was to trust social conscience.

No bars, restaurants, squares and even schools were closed, there is no obligation of measures but social distancing is recommended, that the elderly be taken care of and that they avoid making unnecessary trips and mass meetings.

Despite the fact that for many people this is catastrophic and more so when countries around them are experiencing terrible times with extreme figures despite being in mandatory quarantine taking all measures, then does this model work?

On this Swedish model, Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program commented: "I believe that if we want to achieve a new normal, Sweden represents a model to return to a society in which we do not have confinements."

But in Sweden, people of foreign origin are among the groups most affected by the new coronavirus, the authorities try to contain it through communication campaigns in several languages, Stockholm is the one that has been hit the most, with the most elderly dying, mainly those who lived in nursing homes. .

Sweden is the country where there is the least number of corruption, crime, pollution, accumulation of garbage, therefore trusting each other is why they trust this type of model for the coronavirus of course we know this can occur anywhere place so you also have to follow basic rules.

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