Mexico Exceeds 70 Thousand Deaths And Adds 658,299 Covid-19 Cases

Mexico Exceeds 70 Thousand Deaths And Adds 658,299 Covid-19 Cases

An amount that generates anguish since six months after the start of the pandemic in Mexico, cases of covid.19 are on the rise

Mexico counted 70,183 deaths and reached 658,299 infections by COVID-19 with an increase in the last 24 hours of 714 deaths and 5,935 confirmed cases, the country’s Ministry of Health reported this Friday.

The daily balance of the situation of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, reflected a percentage increase of 0.9% in accumulated infections and 1.02% in terms of deaths compared to the previous report.

The general director of Health Promotion, Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, reported that the number of tests for the disease has reached one million 496,322 this Friday, of which about 41% had a positive result.

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Mexico exceeds 70 thousand deaths and adds 658,299 cases of COVID-19. Photo.EFE

Cortés confirmed that of the people subjected to studies, 750,813 came out with a negative result for COVID-19 and that there are still 87,210 cases considered suspicious because the results of their laboratory studies are not yet available.

The estimated cases of COVID-19 in Mexico add up to 692,732 if the record of confirmed is taken into account plus a percentage of the suspects that are expected to be positive for SARS-CoV-2, explained the director of Health Promotion.

Using the same criteria, it is estimated that in the country there are 71,885 deaths from COVID-19.

The number of patients who have already recovered from this disease has reached 463,764 and they represent around 70% of confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic at the end of last February.

The hospital network reported 42,018 beds to care for COVID-19 patients, which are distributed in 31,248 of a general type and 10,770 equipped with a ventilator and that are used to treat the most serious cases.

Cortés confirmed that 10,119 general beds are occupied, which represents 32% of the total of this type and that in those with ventilators, 2,936 are in use, 27% of those equipped in the hospital network.

The states of Colima (57%), Nuevo León (55%) and Nayarit (49%) with those that report the highest occupancy of general beds, and of those with a fan, the highest levels are in Aguascalientes (47%), Nuevo León (42%) and Mexico City (42%).

Mexico is eighth in the world in confirmed cases behind the United States, India, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Colombia and South Africa and fourth in global deaths from COVID-19 after the United States, Brazil and India, according to data from Johns University Hopkins.

Cortés confirmed that as of Monday, September 14 and for two weeks none of the 32 states of the country will be considered at the maximum risk level; 24 will be at high risk and eight more at moderate risk of contagion.

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