The 22 Confirmed Men Jennifer Lopez Has Had In Her Life

The 22 Confirmed Men Jennifer Lopez Has Had In Her Life

She is beautiful, she is talented, she is a millionaire and she has practically everything, Jennifer López is one of the artists who has most enjoyed her love life next to 22 men, who have also broken their hearts

To speak of Jennifer López is to refer to a complete woman in every way, because not only is she the great American singer or actress that we all know by now, but she is also a dancer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, businesswoman, television producer , choreographer and perfumer.

Her beauty is simply unmatched, and all these factors are very taken into account by the male gender, and Jennifer has had multiple experiences with celebrities, with 22 to be exact, so this 52-year-old girl does. He has known how to live his life in style.

Recently it became known that the relationship between her and her then partner Alex Rodríguez came to an end, something that few expected, because in reality it was believed that there would be a wedding after seeing them in love through social networks, however, this is not It was like that, and failing that, JLO has taken refuge in the company of Ben Affleck. Could it be that he is seeking reconciliation?

We start this list with David Cruz, her high school sweetheart and whom she continued to date years after she finished school, then there’s Wesley Snipes, the guy she shared credits with on Money Train. From there we continue with Ojani Noa, a guy she dated when she was working as a waiter, and he was also her first husband but they divorced just a year later.

Ben Affleck and Wesley Snipes. Photo: Instagram

Then we have the distinguished Tommy Mottola, who in addition to being Thalía’s partner, also dated Jennifer López, this time after he separated from Mariah Carey. Then there’s Sean Combs, the rapper she was in a relationship with for almost two years. Joins the list Cris Judd, the dancer and second husband of JLO (2001 to 2003).

Marc Anthony and Alex Rodríguez. Photo: Instagram

Then we have Ben Affleck, with whom, she was very fond of since then, there is also her third husband Marc Anthony, who is also the father of her children, Max and Emme. They were married for a whole decade. Then there is the dancer Casper Smart, with whom he ended up in 2016, and then there is Drake with whom he was seen very often at various red carpets and parties.

Finally we arrived with Alex Rodríguez, the boy who almost managed to be the definitive one. He has been the last couple of the artist and they ended their relationship four years after they were together. As you can see, JLO’s favorite hobby seems to be collecting loves in his life, and apparently there are still more to go. Who will be next?