The importance of keeping children away from technology and making them live together

The importance of keeping children away from technology and making them live together

Today, children have resumed that addiction to video games, cell phones, tables and all kinds of devices whose purpose is entertainment, but with this, we do them harm if we get to abuse

Times have changed in a very drastic way, and Albert Einsten said it well, “I fear the day when technology will overtake our humanity; the world will only have a generation of idiots ”. Unfortunately the new generations are very attached to the virtual world and very far from the real world.

Technology has brought a series of complications to children’s physical and psychological health, including difficulties in psychomotor or language development, addiction, poor sleep and cyberbullying, but these are just some of the most common consequences of evil. use of technology among the little ones.

Children in the current context have certain characteristics, since they are less empathetic and lack many social skills, in addition, children’s nutrition can become less healthy as parents are not so aware of them, because with social networks they are more exposed to inappropriate content for children and danger.

As far as possible, connect your children with other children, since by doing so you will help them improve their coexistence and they will understand that there are other children with similar interests to theirs, this is how emotional connections are started in the little ones, We know that it is easier to entertain them with a cell phone, but you do them more damage.

Another benefit of having children interact is that it will increase their confidence, and little by little you will notice how your child looks for his own space to play with other children related to him, remember that the relationship of children with their peers It is very important because it also causes a natural stimulation that is necessary for the nervous system, because in the end development is mediated by the relationship with others.

It is important to note that according to the educational psychology of Jean Piaget, from three years of age, the child can assume and understand their behavior, feelings and thoughts towards others, because from here and until the age of seven , children begin to have their first relationships.

Finally, remember that it is through games that children learn to respect the rules, tolerate frustration, be patient, empathetic and decisive. In addition, games that involve physical activity exercise their abilities and develop their dexterity, since the game allows them to express their emotions and manage their failures and problems.