Tips for you and your partner to sleep well

Tips for you and your partner to sleep well

Infallible tips to have a restful sleep, especially for you and your partner

Sleep is the absolute rest of the body , it recovers from fatigue, relaxes the brain, to have a good restful sleep people should sleep 8 hours. Those people who cannot fall asleep, another day they cannot concentrate, they are fatigued, tired and do not fulfill their daily functions.

We recommend these tips to sleep well, that if you carry them out, your sleep will be restful and healthy , you will recover those energies that you feel you have lost due to not being able to rest well. We will start with the first tip, which is to sleep with the light off.

Do the test and you will see, everything has an important explanation that you should know so that you make decisions and actions that help you have a restful sleep, maybe you do sleep well but your partner does not, and this information will help you find the best way to catch up on sleep.

Don’t sleep with the light on

The pineal gland that you have in your body is too sensitive to light, this gland is responsible for producing melatonin, this is the hormone responsible for generating sleep. So when you go to sleep don’t even have your cell phone nearby. Try to keep everything dark. It is also advisable to have a mask to put them on your eyes so that no light enters.

Without noises

Sleeping requires concentration, it is recommended that you put on earplugs or close windows and doors well so that no noise penetrates. It is important that your room is quiet so that your brain and everything and your body are ready to relax

perfect weather

Avoid the extremes of the weather, neither too cold nor too hot, many times we leave the air conditioning on and as the hours go by your body begins to resent that the temperature has dropped, the ice cream always enters the feet first, so try to regulate your air so that you are at a comfortable temperature that does not wake you up, neither cold nor heat.

Never go to bed hungry

The best advice we can give you is to set a time for your dinner, always try to respect it and have a light dinner, trying to have a margin of an hour or two before going to bed, this will help you not feel so charged at night. Bedtime.

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