Tips to stop staining the mask with makeup

Tips to stop staining the mask with makeup

If you do not know what to do with the stains that remain on your makeup masks, we will give you some tricks so you can forget about this annoyance

With the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic, we discovered that there are certain things that we had to use and change some habits , in the case of women, those who have the habit of putting on makeup could not avoid seeing stains on their masks every time they had to take it off.

When the face mask is disposable there is not much problem, although that does not prevent some lines of this care instrument from being marked on your face; When the masks are made of cloth, it is more likely that this of the stains is a nuisance that you do not know how to avoid.

With the following tricks, we assure you that you will be able to reduce the makeup stains on your face mask and when you take it off you will not have to touch it up on your face, we recommend that you continue to use the mask while the health crisis that has the whole world in suspense passes.

Tips to stop staining the mask with makeup. Photo: Pexels

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Use of makeup fixative. If you apply a makeup fixer when you finish doing it, this product will help you not to fade too quickly, use a spray so that the makeup remains intact, there is a variety on the market that will also bring benefits to the skin of your face.

Change base. Another option is to change your regular base for a softer and softer one so that it does not completely impregnate in the mask, if possible do not put bronzer so that your makeup does not become heavy, if you use less base you will also bring freshness to your skin .

Use a sealing powder . The sealing powder will act as talcum powder to avoid irritating the mask and you will not have the problem of stains, the powders will also fulfill the function of leaving a matte finish on your face so grease will not be a problem.

Tips to stop staining the mask with makeup. Photo: Pexels

Matte lip balms and lipsticks . Depending on the mask you use determines which of these products you can use, the balms may be an option for the KN95, the mattes are more recommended if the masks are made of fabric, pay attention to choosing one that moisturizes your lips and does not dry them out.

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With the use of face masks, some issues also appear on the face, such as acne, so it is essential that you wash and hydrate your face more frequently.