Why Did Julión Álvarez Abandon Canelo And Christian Nodal?

Why Did Julión Álvarez Abandon Canelo And Christian Nodal?

Despite good friendships, there is always a very powerful reason to step aside and go your way independently, and this is what happened to Julión Álvarez

Julión Álvarez also known as "El Rey de la Taquilla" is a famous Mexican singer of the regional genre, very popular for his interpretations of songs such as "You are not guilty", "Don’t try it" and "You are better without me". Due to his great recognition and simplicity, the singer has made many friendships, ranging from presidents to boxers, however, for some reason he has had to abandon two great world-famous figures.

We refer to the current WBA, WBC and WBO super middleweight world champion, Saúl Canelo Álvarez and Christian Nodal, both considered close friends of the singer; Julión has confessed that he would have liked to collaborate musically with Christian Nodal, however, he knows well that this is not possible. “Nice if you could, why not? I know completely that it is not possible, he is with a company that, the same company would not allow it, "he declared.

And regarding his friendship with Sául ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, Julión and he were friends for a few years, until finally ‘El Rey de la Taquilla’ decided to get away from him permanently, but why would he break friendship with these two famous people in particular?

In an interview for the program "Suelta la Sopa" Julión acknowledged that he has effectively remained distant from both Saúl and Christian, but his intentions were not bad, but on the contrary, this was only so as not to harm them in the legal process that they are going through .

When the signs. I personally sent a message to all my contacts and said: ‘See you there.’ I have many relationships with very public figures that unfortunately I know can affect them. Yes we lost, we lost contact, with Canelo he has already had a while, Julión confessed.

It should be remembered that some time ago Julión was involved in controversy due to an alleged participation in illegal businesses and money laundering, in which former Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and soccer player Rafael Márquez were also involved.

And it is precisely for this reason that he decided to get away from some friends so as not to get them into trouble, since thanks to the investigations that were carried out against him, many of his projects were affected, even the singer accepts that he continues to battle with that legal problem, that is why even if you want to participate with someone else, there are certain restrictions on doing it with him.