How Astrological Events In July 2021 Will Affect Your Sign

How Astrological Events In July 2021 Will Affect Your Sign

These are the astrological phenomena that will occur in July 2021 and will change your energy, but for the better since all good things will come to you

The impressive astrological phenomena have not ceased to surprise the world, but far from that beautiful spectacle that can be appreciated, they give us many energies that, just as they can help our zodiac sign , can also cause some conflicts, now, what do we need? they will affect in July 2021.

During the seventh month of the year there will be several events that will have a lot of influence on our mood and energy, in fact many could confirm it with Mercury Retrograde or with the Cancer season . That is why you should know how the astrological phenomena of July 2021 will affect each sign of the zodiac . They are going to change your energy.

New Moon in Cancer: July 9 will be a crucial day for people born under the sign of Cancer, however this event is highly related to family ties, so regardless of the zodiac sign you have, you will have You create a new family dynamic in order to reach harmony.

How astrological events in July 2021 will affect your sign. Photo: Unsplash

Mercury in Cancer: Already on July 11, Mercury will enter Cancer, which will allow you to delve deeper into your emotions, therefore it is most recommended that this day you give yourself permission to feel everything good and bad, without pressure or judgment. Don’t be surprised if you’re more sentimental than usual.

Venus in Virgo: In case you are IN COUPLE you should pay close attention on July 21, 2021, since as many know Venus is the planet of love, it is going to enter Virgo, which will be the perfect opportunity to analyze if we really want to be with that person. Only you should always seek to be at peace with your inner self.

Sun in Leo: Open your eyes wide this July 22, 2021, as you will feel an enormous need to shine like the Leo sun, only with a difference, since this time you will see the importance of standing out without depending on the approval of others. They will be fundamental days to connect with your true self and be more authentic.

Full Moon in Aquarius: On July 23, 2021 you will have a huge desire to party, since all your social senses will make you want to join a community. On the other hand, it is the excellent time to see what your attachments are and to be able to say goodbye to them, since you are aware that clinging to a topic does not benefit you at all.

Mercury in Leo: Already on July 27, 2021 you will have the opportunity to exploit all your creativity, because it is the ideal time to express yourself as you are, do that project that you have been waiting for so long, give your passions the green light, etc. . Of course, you should keep in mind that all the decisions that you are going to make during this transit of Mercury in Leo are going to be fundamental for your future.

There is no doubt that the month of July 2021 is going to give us many important astrological events that could affect your energy, but you should not worry as it will not do it to the negative side. You just have to be aware of who you are, where you are going, what you want and let the universe surprise you with its magic.