Why Sleep With Onion On Your Feet

Why Sleep With Onion On Your Feet

This is one of the home remedies known to grandmothers, who recommend placing onion slices and sleeping with socks before congestion

Home remedies is something that has existed for years, used by our grandmothers and sometimes almost by magic we could relieve ourselves of various diseases, Why sleep with onion on your feet?

The onion is one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen, but also to make remedies such as to calm a cough, there are those who prepare teas or syrups, but it is said to put onion slices on the feet also has great benefits.

Of course, the best thing will always be to go to a health specialist, so this treatment with onion can be a complement to a need and being natural it can generate peace to use it, why onion and not another vegetable?

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Why sleep with onion on your feet. Photo: Pixabay

Onion has a strong smell and taste so there are people who simply do not tolerate it, but in the event of a disease, it may possibly make an exception, there are those who say that putting a piece of onion on a plate on the side of the bed helps to detoxify. congestion.

Dr. Manuel Viso, in an interview, spoke about some myths about homemade imitations and if he highlighted the onion that it is proven that this food is bactericidal and can also help to thin the mucus.

We can use it but it will not cure an infection and depending on the case, something more is needed in medicine that really helps to expel what is congested, now regarding whether putting the onion on the feet works is something that is not scientifically proven.

Even so, it is something that does not affect and if it is tolerated you can do it, cut some slices, place them on the soles of your feet and put on a sock, in the morning you take it off and wash it perfectly, there are those who point out that it also helps circulation.

The antibacterial properties of onion have made it an essential ingredient in the face of congestion problems, coughing and strengthening of the immune system, but you should always bear in mind that this is only an alternative, a supplement, not a supplement to medications duly certified to treat diseases.

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