Banana Soap To Cleanse Your Face, Remove Blemishes And Acne

Banana Soap To Cleanse Your Face, Remove Blemishes And Acne

The homemade banana soap is incredible, it helps to perform a deep cleaning of your face and it will also keep it hydrated and exfoliated.

Home remedies turn out to be a marvel, that is why within the care of your beauty, you should consider banana soap for a deep cleaning of your face, removes spots and fires acne.

Show off a blemish-free face with this banana soap for a deep cleansing of your face, say goodbye to blemishes and acne that prevent you from feeling confident, you will look more beautiful than you already are.

There are beauty recipes that cannot be saved, you have to share them to make the most of the charms, such as the ideal banana soap for deep cleaning your face.

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Banana soap
Banana soap to clean your face, remove blemishes and acne. Photo: Pixabay.

If you are looking for an excellent home remedy to leave your face free of blemishes, then IN COUPLE, here is the procedure to make a banana soap that will amaze you with its results.

Benefits of banana soap on your face

This banana soap is the perfect one if you want to show off an impeccable face and if you are looking to do a deep cleaning, it is characterized by leaving it very well hydrated and is also ideal as an exfoliator, eliminating dead cells.

Banana soap helps fight acne, rid the skin of impurities and eliminate those spots that appear and that do not let you feel safe to show off your beauty, so do not hesitate to put it into practice.

Remember that banana is rich in Vitamin A, C, K and J, it also provides Complex B, minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, Zinc, Copper and Selenium, so its daily use will give a deep cleaning.

How to make banana soap to clean your face


40 grams of banana

60 grams of coconut oil

168 milliliters of olive oil

47 grams of shea butter

33 grams of beeswax

44 grams of castor oil

102 milliliters of water

44 grams of caustic soda

20 grams of banana aroma


In a bowl add the banana, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil until you have a paste, then add the previously melted beeswax and continue mixing for a while.

Prepare in another container a mixture with the caustic soda and water until it dissolves completely, then add this mixture to the other ingredients, along with the banana aroma and place in a soap mold, let it rest for 48 hours .

How to use

Once you have your banana soap ready, you can use it directly by rubbing it on your face or, you can lather your hands and wash your face, use it normally.

Note: The ingredients can be found in health food stores or beauty supply stores.