Garlic Tea A Remedy Against High Blood Pressure

Garlic Tea A Remedy Against High Blood Pressure

The infinite properties of garlic cause great benefits in the human body is excellent against hypertension

Garlic has become the best ally against hypertension , the properties it has make people healthier and have a better quality of life. This has been verified by Australian doctors who carried out a study with 50 people

They were given garlic supplements to see if it helped reduce blood pressure , these were patients who were already taking medications to counteract the suffering of hypertension.

Doctors in Australia conducted a study with 50 individuals to see if garlic supplements help reduce high blood pressure in patients already taking drugs for the disorder.

Garlic to lower blood pressure. Photo: Pixabay

The amount of capsules that the patients consumed were 4 of garlic extract. This resulted in his blood pressure going down. The information was published in the Maturitas magazine

Participants who took four capsules of garlic extract per day showed lower blood pressure than those who received a placebo, states the study published in the journal Maturitas.


Garlic has been an incentive against cholesterol since ancient times, as people take it to regulate their blood pressure. Notably, researchers from the University of Adelaide, Australia administered the capsules for 12 weeks.

During this process they discovered that the systolic pressure was 10mmHg lower in the patients who consumed the garlic capsules. These capsules were aged garlic extract, it worked as an additional treatment to the medications that the patients were already consuming. This is verified by the study of Dr. Karin Reid

"Garlic supplements had been associated with a clinically important blood pressure lowering effect in patients with untreated hypertension."

"Our trial, however, is the first to look at the effect, tolerance and acceptance of aged garlic extract as an add-on treatment to existing antihypertensive drugs in patients with treated but uncontrolled hypertension," he adds.

So do not hesitate to take garlic to regulate your blood pressure, it goes from taking it raw to capsules, so you do not tolerate the taste.

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