Why You Shouldn’t Know Who Sees Your Photos On Whatsapp

Why You Shouldn't Know Who Sees Your Photos On Whatsapp

Being aware of this can generate changes in mood and even sentimental

A large part of the population in the world use the WhatsApp application to communicate, among all the things that we can do within it is to send audios, videos and images of the latter we can even know who sees them and what time but, why shouldn’t we know who sees our photos .

This is an option that we can activate and no, perhaps there are people who this does not affect them in the least but those couples or ex-partners who tend to be a bit jealous and emotionally vulnerable yes, that is why they are better recommended Not knowing who sees your photos and status on WhatsApp could become an addiction that in the long run or in certain situations can affect you.

Sometimes we go wrong with friends or we end a relationship and we continue to have their contact on whatsapp even though we don’t talk to them and we tend to suddenly put a photo or message that is honestly addressed to someone in specific which you want to see, but what if they don’t does?

For some it is an addiction to know who sees their photos on WhatsApp. Photo.Pixabay
For some it is an addiction to know who sees their photos on WhatsApp. Photo.Pixabay

One of the reasons why it is better to have this deactivated is because it can generate a confusion of emotions.Perhaps you hope that after the image that you upload of yours you expect to receive certain compliments and it does not happen or of your dozens of contacts there are two or three who comment on you or come and there are those who pay much attention to what they will say and that takes their spirits away.

Or maybe maybe you upload that photo of you where you look very handsome or pretty accompanied by someone else just for your ex to see it you do it as revenge if he sees it is a success but in reality nothing happens he does not speak to you anymore and you believed That was a hope to make him jealous and to reconsider coming back when he saw that he lost you.

In groups, for example, or the same in conversations, you send an image from which you wait for a response and you realize that they have already seen it and have not answered you, that sometimes fills you with anger and more when that person tells you that they do not know. realized it and lies, if it is your partner maybe the concept of him or her will change.

If your publications are just for pleasure and without caring about anything else, there is no problem, there are people who have the hobby of seeing statuses and photos and nothing happens, but if you like doing it and you do not want to know, deconfigure the notifications option in your whatsapp, as well as the readings of your messages, sometimes it is fun to play detective.