How To Conquer By Whatsapp

How To Conquer By Whatsapp

Use the mobile in our favor and even if it is by this means you should never appear to be a desperate person

The internet and technology have caught up with us, with this we can do countless things including finding a partner, there are various applications dedicated to this. WhatsApp although it was not designed to find love if it creates a closer connection with those people who are not close to us, conquering is possible but you have to know how .

Nowadays, instead of asking a boy or girl with whom you want to have a deeper conversation for the phone number as before, they are asked for their facebook or whatsapp . The latter is very dynamic since you handle so much images, photos, audios and videos, you have to know how to handle them and also know the most effective way to conquer by WhatsApp .

Each person has a different way of being and although many do not believe it, it is reflected in a WhatsApp conversation, although we are not going to deny that we tend to be more uninhibited when we do not see people.

Whatsapp to find a partner. Photo.Pixabay
Whatsapp to find a partner. Photo.Pixabay

Take things calmly , the first thing in a conquest for it to be effective is that it is not noticed that we are rushing since that can drive away the person in focus. You can start with a cordial greeting and if he or she is the one who does it, do not look very launched, give time to respond, if he asks you something, create a little doubt and if you are interested, he will wait for an answer.

WhatsApp has an endless number of emojis in which you can express a lot without using so many words, use them clearly without exaggerating and another thing is that while you are talking, the answers are short so that it flows without boredom.

Use your intuition and let him know in a subtle way that you like him, show a little flirtation or gallantry, you can make small compliments, see his profile picture or status and give an opinion or after this, give fluidity to the conversation.

Talk about the present , do not start talking about your life or past relationships this can scare you away, these issues can be discussed later and in front of you perhaps within a date if everything goes as planned.

Call it or call it by its name you have noticed that when you interest a person or someone you like you do not usually use nicknames, it is to give it seriousness and formality later things can change.

Do not drag out the conversations and preferably ask open questions, interact on general topics, ask for opinions or simply a what did you do today? it will be good to start.

Do not flatter too much, do not look like you praise falling into the little credible, keep interest with phrases, with a good day but not that it is the same every day have a surprise so that he does not see in you a relationship that falls into monotony. Take advantage of your mobile to have that person close to you and wanting to be with you.