With Bikinazo Barbie Doll Style Thalía Celebrates Her 50 Years

With Bikinazo Barbie Doll Style Thalía Celebrates Her 50 Years

Thalía is celebrating, since this August 26 turns 50 and has celebrated it in the best way: between balloons and with a swimsuit that looks like a Barbie doll

The wait is finally over, since after announcing that throughout the month she would be celebrating her birthday and sharing photos and images related to such an important event, this 26 Thalía reaches 50 years of age and has done it in the best way : dressed up as Barbie doll.

The actress and singer came to the world on August 26, 1971, being the youngest of five sisters: Laura (the result of her mother’s relationship with another man who was not her father), Federica , Gabriela and Ernestina Sodi . Now with a bikini in the style of Barbie doll, Thalia celebrates her 50 years.

In the image that Tommy Mottola’s wife shared on his social networks, he can be seen wearing a very colorful two-piece swimsuit, made up of a striped blouse of different colors and a phosphorescent yellow bottom with a flirty high waist belt. Her hair was tied up in a Barbie doll-style ponytail, she wore aviator-style sunglasses.

Thalía celebrates her 50th birthday. Photo: Instagram

She opted for a slippers like the yellow panties. The stage looked like a dream, with a huge number 50, full of colorful balloons. In the different images shared by the unforgettable "María la del Barrio" you can see her smiling posing in a pool, playing the arrangements and even throwing a gift. Making it clear that he is celebrating!

The post that in less than an hour had already accumulated more than 450 thousand ‘likes’ was accompanied by a message in which the actress expressed what it means for her to reach five decades of life.

Happy birthday to me! 50. And so I live my life. Without an account of those bad experiences, but rather learning from them. Not counting the people who hurt me, but treasuring the people who love me

And he continued: "Without account of the social or economic value of people, but rather of the feeling of peace, joy and affection that I feel when being with them. Without account of age or weight, since my body does not it is more than the vehicle that my soul drives so that it can develop on this plane ".

He did not want to miss the opportunity to thank all the people who have been in his life, especially his mother and father, who in his own words were the channel for him to reach the world.

Thalía happy at 50 years old. Photo: Instagram

Thanks to my family and friends for their love and company. And to my dear FANS (family, friends, children, dreamers) thank you so much. Let’s celebrate in style Happy birthday girl T !!

"HBD my love !! Keep inspiring and creating the world with your art and smile", "Happy day friend and many blessings", "We love itoooo !! all the looks are great on you", "Happy birthday. May God follow you filling with much health and love "and" Happy birthday chula! For many more days full of smiles and your energy that infects everyone "" were some of the comments left to Thalía by both fans and colleagues.