They Reveal That Nobody Eats What Omar Fierro Cooks On Today’s Program

They Reveal That Nobody Eats What Omar Fierro Cooks On Today's Program

All the drivers of the HOY program refuse to eat what Omar Fierro cooks

Few know that Omar Fierro is a man full of talents, he goes from performing great performances to reaching the kitchen and doing wonders with food, he cooks very rich, but something happens in the TODAY program that no driver wants to eat what the actor cooks .

Why don’t today’s drivers want to taste what Omar Fierro cooks? After the actor cooks rich and special dishes, and also that viewers are always attentive to know what he is going to prepare each day, but many do not understand why today’s drivers simply reject the idea of ​​trying those food.

According to information released by TVNotas magazine, drivers are afraid of getting sick from the meals that Omar Fierro cooks. This information was exposed to the magazine by show critic Alex Kaffie.

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@televisa_espectaculos @canalunicable SEE THAT GOOD TOASTS !!!! Little profit

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Alex Kaffie, also known as "The villain of the shows", argued that Omar continues to shake hands. "Omar continues to shake hands and kiss them, in addition to" not sticking to hygiene measures (washing hands before cooking, wearing masks, etc)! ".

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The mincemeat prepared by @omarfierrooficial was spectacular. @Yosoygloriasierra and @mike_biagio resisted! ��

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This suggests that it is not because he does not cook rich, but rather because of hygiene measures, seeing that he does not wash his hands and continues to greet everyone, is what has all drivers worried and on alert, so they prefer not to eat anything that Omar cooks.

“They have also noticed, and not once but repeatedly, that while cooking he scratches his head and touches his nose. That is why they are reluctant to eat what the actor cooks. Puja! ”Alex pointed out.

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The #TacosFierroPariente that @omarfierrooficial prepared for us today were great or not @burrovan? ��

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Given these statements, Omar Fierro has not offered his position, perhaps because he knows what he is doing or that the producer Magda Rodríguez has enough confidence in him to keep him in the kitchen.

Although the hosts of the morning Hoy "do not want to try Omar Fierro’s food, many viewers follow Omar in each of his culinary interventions.