3 Delicious Juices With Which You Will Avoid Getting Sick In Winter Times

3 Delicious Juices With Which You Will Avoid Getting Sick In Winter Times

For many people, the climate change means yes or yes to fall into bed due to colds and allergies, but that has to change, that is why we bring you some juices that will reinforce your immune system

Now that many people begin to feel the climate change, it is normal for diseases to greet you, and you already know that the first sneeze can bring a second, but when you reach a third, a fourth and even a fifth, it is time to take the classic cold medicines, that is the beautiful way in which winter greets us, but to avoid getting sick at these times, we have brought you 3 delicious juices that will strengthen your immune system.

With the winter season, many people are divided, since some prefer the heat precisely because they get sick less, but in the end we must adapt to everything that the world brings us, since as they are things that cannot be avoided, at least we must know how to face them.

It should be noted that juices are only part of how much we can do to keep our immune system strong and not give in to any viral disease, that is why you should also pay close attention to what you eat, exercise and the goodies habits. Here are 3 delicious juices that will strengthen your immune system.

Papaya juice with pineapple: Papaya is one of the fruits with a high content of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen our immune system, it also has a good amount of fiber, which is why it is one of the best in digestive health. For this juice you will need 1 Cup of papaya (chopped), ½ Cup of pineapple (in pieces) and 1 Grapefruit (peeled and in pieces). You just have to take all the ingredients to the blender and mix perfectly until you get a desired consistency.

Protect yourself from the weather change. Photo: Pexels

Tangerine and strawberry juice: Citrus fruits stand out a lot during the winter season, they also turn out to be very good antioxidants, which is why they are highly recommended in winter times. For this juice you will need: 2 Tangerines peeled and in pieces, 1 Strawberry, 1 Lemon and 1 Tbsp of honey. Mix everything well in the blender and enjoy immediately.

Lemon juice with honey: It is perfectly well known from lemon that we can find a good amount of vitamin C, so it is widely used to increase defenses, it is also usually a great antioxidant and is special to combat respiratory diseases. For this juice you will need: 4 lemons 3 cm of ginger, 1 cucumber peeled and cut into squares, 1 Tbsp of honey.