Intermittent Fasting To Lose Belly Fat In Few Days

Intermittent Fasting To Lose Belly Fat In Few Days

Suppressing food for a certain period of time and eating for the remaining hours is a style called intermittent fasting.

We know that we must all have a balanced diet for health, there are those who adopt a lifestyle after starting with a diet of the many that there is on the list, one of them is intermittent fasting.

We find different types of diets and ways of eating that can be adapted to our body, although it is best to advise you with a specialist, intermittent fasting has helped many to lose abdominal fat in a short time.

What does intermittent fasting consist of? This style should be used for short periods of time and resume, although it is functional it is not for everyone, the main thing it does is alter the time between the hours of fasting prior to the first and last food of the day.

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Intermittent fasting to lose abdominal fat in a few days. Photo: Pixabay

They do not consider it a diet as such and there are different ways to carry it out, there are those who fast for twelve hours and eat within eight, others who fast for sixteen, others eat for five days and lower their calories in two days, and there are even those who do one fast per week for 24 hours.

It is true that some have achieved surprising changes such as that the fat in their abdomen falls, their system is regularized but it is only a style that must be supervised as well as when you are invited to eat five meals a day and it is also functional.

Not because you are allowed to eat during certain hours that you are going to consume everything, you have to know how to choose those foods that give you satiety but that are low in calories, among vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, fibers, grains, fish and above all you must one stay hydrated.

Types of fasts

The one at 16: 8 is to fast for 16 hours, including the eight hours of sleep, and make the food intakes in the remaining eight hours, the last meal will be at the latest at 8 pm and you will resume until noon the next day.

Fat reserves are converted into energy and indicate this is the reason why our body endures those hours without ingestion, the 12-hour period is ideal for beginners in the modality, the period without food is short since we sleep during those hours eight and dinner ends at 7pm.

The 5: 2 style for five days a week is eaten regularly of course trying to be healthy foods but two days you will only have an approximate intake for men of 600 calories and women of 500.

Doing helps with alternate days is another option, you do it every two days and consume few amounts of calories 500 while other days you can eat the amounts you want within the healthiest options.

The 24-hour option would be once a week, this day they decide not to eat any food but if you can drink tea, water or low-calorie drinks, not food so as not to lose the fast.

While the warrior’s diet would be under this fasting regimen but in a period of 20 hours, eating all you want for four hours but at night, preferably including vegetables, proteins and healthy fats.

Each of these options works for some and for others, it requires decision, not obsessing over and above all having prior knowledge about intermittent fasting before just following someone who performs it, each body is different and remember your health comes first.