What You Must Do At Night To Wake Up With A Flat Belly

What You Must Do At Night To Wake Up With A Flat Belly

Waking up with a flat stomach is the dream of many women, and they can make it come true if they apply these tips.

All women love that sensation of dawn with a light abdomen and without any inflammation, so IN COUPLE it leaves you some tips of what you should do at night to wake up with a flat stomach , take note and you will see that it works.

Dawn with a flat stomach can be a reality if you apply yourself in your routine to lead a much healthier life and follow some tips that will help you, for example, this is what you should do at night to wake up without a swollen abdomen.

Exercising, a balanced and healthy diet, are points that cannot be missed to maintain that figure you want so much, but apart from that, there are other tricks that will help you wake up and show off a flat stomach, you will love the results.

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Healthy life
What you must do at night to wake up with a flat stomach. Photo: Pexels.

Avoid dairy at dinner

Dairy products contain many health benefits, however, consuming them at night has little positive effect, since some of its derivatives contain a large amount of added sugar that is difficult to digest.

The combination of lactose with sugars causes belly bloating, but if you don’t want to go to bed without consuming at least one yogurt, do it, but make sure it is natural, without added sugars or other ingredients.

Exercise before sleep

Exercise is always good to stay healthy and fit, so before going to sleep it is also a great help to wake up with that flat stomach, you will also have no excuse, because you only need 8 minutes of exercise to be able to go to bed.

Two or three hours before sleeping, take 8 minutes to exercise, you can do a series of squats, support yourself with some dumbbells or bottles filled with sand, that will help you have a flat abdomen in the morning.

Cold shower before going to bed

If the weather favors you, then choose to take a cold shower and if not, then a warm shower, this will improve your circulation and also wake up with a flat stomach, in addition to stimulating brown fat.

Brown fat is the one that is responsible for consuming energy to increase body temperature, so you burn calories, but it is not that the water is with ice, measure at what temperature you tolerate it and if not, bathe with medium hot water.

Have dinner 3 hours before bed

You cannot consume much food at dinner, try to have dinner 3 hours before you go to sleep, in this way you avoid heaviness or any other discomfort that prevents you from sleeping well because you feel full, remember that the main meal of the day is breakfast, but at dinner you have to moderate.