Adela Noriega In Black Swimsuit Left Angélica Rivera Behind

Adela Noriega In Black Swimsuit Left Angélica Rivera Behind

Very few times Adela Noriega was seen in a swimsuit, but when she did, she dethroned Angélica Rivera, showing off her beauty in the water.

Two great actresses who marked an era in Mexican soap operas, both shared credits in "Dulce Desafío", and now both are retired from the medium, but that does not imply that they are forgotten, their fans have been in charge of keeping them current, recently They shared a selfie when Adela Noriega wore a black swimsuit as a mermaid and left Angélica Rivera behind.

It was 1989 when these two celebrities appeared together in a project, it was the youth melodrama directed by Arturo Ripstein, where the Seagull debuted as an actor, many remember them in those scenes, but others evoke when Adela Noriega wore a black swimsuit as a mermaid and left Angélica Rivera behind, a duel of beautiful women !

Adela Noriega and Angélica Rivera have a lot in common; They share the same age, the two tasted the honeys of success in soap operas, shared a script, made unforgettable couples with Eduardo Yáñez and both fell in love with his impressive beauty, the public loved his performances and also, they also long for his return to the screen someday.

Adela Noriega
When Adela Noriega wore a black swimsuit as a mermaid and left Angélica Rivera behind. Photo: Instagram.

If something characterized Angélica Rivera and Adela Noriega on the small screen, it is that they wasted beauty and great talent, which is why they were so admired and loved. Although they are withdrawn from the cameras, their fans do not stop remembering those memorable works they did on stage, in addition to the fact that their soap operas continue to generate ratings in their repetitions.

Recently, an epic photograph of Adela Noriega was recalled, and the fact is that the actress appears in the image as she rarely allowed herself to be captured, in a flirty black swimsuit, showing off her exceptional figure, with wet hair and showing an ear smile. By ear, very confident that her beauty was natural and admirable, in the water she relaxed like a mermaid.

But in the image with her black swimsuit she does not appear alone, but rather goes out with Fernando Carrillo, who holds her by one arm, the photo was taken in one of the scenes of the soap opera "María Isabel" in 1997, which they starred in, it fits Note that the actor has revealed that he was in love with the actress in real life, but she rejected him.

On the other hand, one of the memorable photos of Angélica Rivera, is a photograph where she appears in a black and pink swimsuit sitting outside a pool, with a bob haircut in her youth, the image was taken in 1988 and also leaves Of course, the Seagull was beautiful, although it did not pose as naturally as Adela Noriega did.

Adela Noriega
Photo: Instagram.

Adela Noriega continues to win the admiration and applause of the public due to that charisma that she always showed, she did not need plastic surgeries to look beautiful on television, she preferred to show herself natural as she was, without posing or frivolity. Angélica Rivera also fascinated with her young girl charm, and now that she is over 50, she is also surprising, because it seems that the years do not pass through her.

Thus, in this way, his loyal followers continue to keep the names of these two greats of Mexican television in force, and do not lose hope that Adela Noriega will one day reappear telling why he was absent from the cameras, and of Angélica Rivera they hope that soon be ready for another soap opera.