Alejandra Guzmán Reappears Rejuvenated With New Musical Theme

Alejandra Guzmán Reappears Rejuvenated With New Musical Theme

Alejandra Guzmán returned to music after a long absence and did it in the best way with a new musical theme

After a harsh quarantine, in which she experienced the effects of an earthquake, the severity of her mother and a problematic separation with her daughter, Alejandra Guzmán returns renewed with a new "look", an unpublished musical experiment in her song "Live and leave live "and a surprising vulnerability that he will exhibit this Sunday in the new stage of" La Voz USA ".

Guzmán, who is very far from being a novice in the format of singing competitions, acknowledged in a revealing interview with Efe that he does not know "what to expect" of what the meeting between the four "coaches" will be, that in addition to her they include Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives and Wisin.

"Imagine eight months without knowing what was going to happen. The feelings accumulate, one becomes more sensitive. It will be something very strong," predicted the artist, who also presented this Friday "Live and let live" , her first unpublished song of the year and his first collaboration with an urban artist, the Puerto Rican Ñengo Flow.

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"The song is the product of everything that helped me this year that I ventured, which was very sad and very painful for everything you already know on social networks," acknowledged the queen of Mexican rock in reference to the multiple attacks that have received from his daughter, Frida Sofía Guzmán.

That is why, perhaps, he says that "Live and let live" begins slow and melancholic and ends with a station wagon. "It’s a bit what I did (in quarantine). I made a count of my character defects, my addictions, that I do have them and that I have tried to carry them forward with therapies such as AA (alcoholics anonymous) and what there is "he added.

"I feel like a good person and a good mother," said the artist, who reiterated that at the time she asked her daughter for forgiveness for her faults, as she has "a heart for that." In the end, he considers that he has been able to get ahead in these times thanks to the fact that he knows who he is and is "fine with it."

All that mixture of feelings, too, come to the fore when he recognizes that, although he knows that it is not possible, he is dying of the desire to hug the contestants of "La Voz USA".

"What I want to tell you is that you do not give up your dream of living from music. Although things have changed, the important thing is to know how to adapt," he completed.


Throughout her career, La Guzmán, as she is also known, has been famous for combining the shortest ballads with rock. It was the genre that made his father, the legendary Enrique Guzmán, famous and that his mother, the veteran actress Silvia Pinal, hated.

If someone had told the girl who sang "Making love with another" in 1991 that at age 52 she was going to be collaborating with someone like Ñengo Flow, she would never have believed it.

However, an encounter with "young artists in Mexico put me in contact with a lot of very interesting people and made me want to see what would happen if I did something with them," he said.

He allied with the Colombian composer Nicolás Mayorca and the result was "Live and let live" and a ballad "about the beautiful love that we all dream of finding."

"The first thing I told him was that I didn’t want to do reggaeton. That’s not my thing and he said to me: ‘What if we try reggae?’ And that’s how this song was born that I love and that is totally different from everything else. I’ve done in my life, but it represents me. It even ends with mariachi, "he said.

She is so satisfied that she said she was not worried about the public’s reaction, because "you never know what will happen."


Alejandra Guzmán, nicknamed "The Queen of Hearts" for her 1990s hit, spent several months at her beach house in Huatulco, a town on the southern coast of Mexico.

There he lived the most recent earthquake that shook his country in June of this year and suffered the fall of his mother, who at 88 years old required a hip prosthesis and lived isolated hospitalization, due to the strict sanitary regulations to contain the contagion of the coronavirus .

The artist spent her days painting, doing crafts, physical activity and at sea. "For me, exercising and being grateful is the key to life," he said.

She feels renewed and to express it she asked her stylist to transform her.

"I told him to change my haircut, I wanted to look different" and he succeeded, he added. The red tones of recent years have been replaced by light brown and blonde highlights. The straight cut is now one of soft layers, which goes with a makeup much less dramatic than the one she has worn for years.

It favors her, although she never looks as good as when she talks about the "incredible" recovery her mother has experienced.

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"She is very tough. I saw her already drinking a vodka and saying that she wants to go back to work," said the artist, who seems to have inherited from her mother the resilience and strength with which she says: "I no longer have formulas or strategies Not at all. My only formula is to be net. "That is, true, closed.

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