Video Destroyed Alejandra Guzmán’s House After The Earthquake

Video Destroyed Alejandra Guzmán's House After The Earthquake

Part of Alejandra Guzmán’s house was destroyed on the beaches of Huatulco after the earthquake on June 23

This morning around 10:30, Mexico was surprised with a 7.5 earthquake, which generated panic and uncertainty, causing many to leave home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that is going through the world.

The epicenter was in the state of Oaxaca specifically in a community called Crucecita where there were some damages, the singer Alejandra Guzmán showed on video how her house was destroyed.

Alejandra Guzmán was at her home on the beaches of Huatulco, a municipality in Oaxaca, when she began to feel the tremor recording at the end how part of her house was left, fortunately it was only material things.

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VIDEO Alejandra Guzmán’s house destroyed by the earthquake. Photo: Instagram

The 52-year-old singer like millions today did not expect something similar and that after this they highlighted that there was a tsunami alert for a part of Mexico, right on these beaches they began to observe that the sea was retreating a little, until the moment there is calm.

"He just trembled and check how the wall, the windows … everything was broken, they don’t know the scare," he highlighted in the video he titled Trembling.

Ale showed how part of the wall was cracked, one of the windows completely smashed on the ground, others severely damaged, all this in a matter of seconds, she and her family are fine, but she said nothing more.

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There are images that circulate on social networks where there were very severe material losses, but given the magnitude of 7.5 it was really little, so far there are 3 people known to have died but since September 2017 Mexico fears that a similar earthquake will occur.

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Dozens of other artists felt the movement, some were working and had to leave following the emergency protocols and in social networks they said they were well and asking for other Mexicans.

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