Britney Spears And Justin Love Ended By Infidelity

Britney Spears And Justin Love Ended By Infidelity

One of the most beloved couples of the 90’s, they seemed to be for each other but it was all over and there was talk of an infidelity between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

One of the most popular couples in the 90’s is that of the singers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake who seemed to each other but the love ended up highlighting an infidelity.

Britney’s popularity made her become the princess of pop, while Justin Timberlake gained more fame as a member of the group NSync, a fashionable heartthrob with curly hair and a great dancer.

Britney met Justin Timberlake at age 12 when both participated in the Show The Mickey Mouse Club, they met again between 1998 and 1999 the path of music and love united them.

Britney Spears and Justin’s love ended due to infidelity. Photo: AP

Although the exact date on which they became boyfriends is not known, both had their careers on the rise and were the most famous and beloved couple in the middle, they had practically everything at their young age.

Britney and Justin gave love lectures where they arrived together, they appeared on countless magazine covers and everyone wanted to know more about them, including the intimate part caused by a comment made by the singer.

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But what was so unexpected came one day and for the year 2000 they announced their separation, something that caused an impact among their fans, at this time Justin would launch as a soloist and many highlighted this as a strategy.

Although little was said about the breakup months later, Britney was pointed out as unfaithful after allegedly cheating on Justin with Wade Robson, who was a choreographer and friend of the couple, something without confirmation from the protagonists.

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We got a babysitter. #Emmys

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In an interview, it would be Justin who would speak of his breakup and would only limit himself to saying that his paths were going in different directions, yet he had stated that he was there when he was needed because of the love he had for him.

And about the apparent infidelity he only highlighted "Honestly, we are not perfect, I do not judge anyone"

The couple never returned, they made an appearance together, each one continued in the music, although there were moments that indicate that they had sent hints, there is a song that although Justin once said it was not for Britney, Cry Me a River says otherwise.

You were my sun, you were my land
But you didn’t know all the ways that I loved you, no
So you took a chance, you made other plans
But I bet you didn’t think they would fall apart, no
You don’t have to say, what
You already knew, I found out about him
Now there’s just no chance
with you and me,
there will never be
nothing, doesn’t it make you sad?

Britney had shady moments in her personal life which seem to have been overcome, she is the mother of two children who she had with her ex-husband, the dancer, Kevin Federline currently maintains a relationship with Sam Asghari, a handsome trainer.

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Justin Timberlake has been married since 2012 to 37-year-old former model and actress Jessica Biel who stole the singer’s heart and with whom he has a son named Silas Randall Timberlake, fate is uncertain and each couple has ups and downs, you just have to know how to give it a new meaning to life.

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