This is how Lupita Jones forced Reina to lose 6 kilos in a week

This is how Lupita Jones forced Reina to lose 6 kilos in one week

He ate only almonds, says the former Miss Sinaloa 2016 when questioning him about his experience with Lupita Jones, who in a week made him lose 6 kilos

For a few weeks the name of the former Mexican Miss Universe Lupita Jones , who throughout her life has been in charge of forming beauty queens, has been on everyone’s lips precisely because of statements that some of these women have made before their way of to work.

Apparently this topic about Lupita Jones is getting more intense every day, since there are several former queens who are raising their voices exposing the good and bad that they had to live within their training, Lupita Jones forced Miss Sinaloa 2016 to lose 6 kilos in a week.

Elena Lizárraga, decided to give an interview and gave statements where she practically asked that Lupita Jones not continue in charge of beauty contests and that losing 6 kilos eating pure almonds left her for several months with gastritis and an eating disorder.

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The interview was given to the Chime No Like program, it was Lupita who called her to participate in the contest and represent her state, implying that she would practically win, but she declared that some judges confessed that Jones asked to change the result.

This is how Lupita Jones forced the queen to lose 6 kilos in a week. Photo: Instagram / elenalizarragaoficial

The only thing he asked of her for the contest that used to be called Nuestra Belleza México, was to lower her hips a bit, so by eating pure almonds, doing double exercise and eating a few times she managed to lose 6 kilos in a week.

Unfortunately this had consequences on her health, she suffered from stomach aches, headaches, developed gastritis and sleep problems, she did not want to go down any more and it was emphatic that the models suffered from mistreatment mainly by her.

Who would initiate the controversy in networks would be Sofía Aragón, winner of the Mexican Universal 2019 contest that that same year represented Mexico in Miss Universe 2019 where she obtained the position of second finalist and that this year she is not authorized to deliver the crown.

She decided to raise her voice through her Instagram account, that although she said she thanked Lupita Jones for many things, she denied others such as the reason why she did not let her deliver and it was not because she did not want to like the former miss universe made it known.

After this Lupita Jones gave her version and published a video where, speaking in front of the women who are in the contest today, she clarified what happened but ended up taking out her intimidating and threatening side of which she later regretted and deleted the video.

She explained that this is not something that will define her as a person, she apologized to both Sofía Aragón and the other women who have gone through her, she said that you should not speak with courage, but now there are more and more former queens who have decided do not fence and expose your experience which is not one hundred percent pleasant.