Lucía Méndez Confesses Romance With Eduardo Yañez, He Says No

Lucía Méndez Confesses Romance With Eduardo Yañez, He Says No

What a shame what happened to Mendez when he declared that she and Eduardo Yalñez had an affair, and he flatly denies it

There is a saying that gentlemen have no memory and this has happened with Eduardo Yañez, while Lucía Méndez confesses that there was a love relationship between them, he completely denies it . Find out all the details of this story!

Lucía Méndez did not hesitate to confess this love affair in the radio program of Maxime Woodside, where the actor Eduardo Yañez also agreed , that incidentally, he refused what Lucia said.

The 64-year-old actress and singer participated in a soap opera with the actor in 1992 and said that it was there that that soap opera love did cross the screen, that she was truly in love, that there was a lot of love, she excitedly talked about it in the radio program.

Lucía Méndez and Eduardo Yañez. Photo: Reforma / special

“Yes, there was a medium (romance) there, why am I lying. He is going to say why you are talking, you see that he does not like it, I love him very much, good love, from a soap opera, everything, it did not last long, but it did happen ”.

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What a beautiful reunion with my beloved and admired Eduardo Yáñez @eduardoyanezofc ������ In the program # 100mexicanosdijieron De @televisa �� The great couple in the Telenovela “Marielena”, very successful that to this day they continue to broadcast it in different countries. How are we looking my loves? ������������ Costumes: @enricobompani Peinador: @alexismayhair Rp: @vickylopeztv

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She said that although it causes Yañez a little discomfort, she did not have to lie, and very sure of herself she continued talking about that love, of which she felt very happy. He said there was no point in denying something that people already knew.

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"It’s over" �� "It’s over, it’s over, it’s over Follow the rules of the game It’s no use swearing Promise or begging, when the fire goes out" In this life when one love ends, another comes, or not bbs ?? ���� Nice Sunday … �� Full video: Full song: #LuciaMendezOf #Singer #Empresaria #SeAcabo #Spotify #YouTube

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"People know it, why do I lie, somehow it didn’t happen, but it was a beautiful friendship and I adore him and we get along very well."

But when questioning the actor about whether it was true that between him and Lucia there had been romance and he, as a gentleman who has no memory, mentioned that he would not talk about it, since he considers it a very personal story.

: “Yes she (confessed), (I) no (…) that’s very personal, I’m going to keep it, but imagine! One of the greatest divas in this country, a beautiful woman and a great artist, singer, everything, complete, a great woman ”.

He stayed out of everything that Lucía Méndez had revealed.

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