Phrases To Dedicate To Your Children

Phrases To Dedicate To Your Children

It is said that since a baby is in gestation begins its neurolinguistic training, that is why it is important to maintain a nice communication with the children, dedicate phrases of love to them so that latent happiness is always maintained

The road is not easy, but parents have a great responsibility when conceiving and educating their children, it is to take care of each of the words that comes out of their mouth because they are sponges that from their gestation to seven years are capable of receive the words of their parents as the most important thing.

That is why the specialists of In Couple have chosen the phrases that regenerate this neolinguistic programming to promote the idea of ​​achieving things, of trusting, of loving, and teaching you that everything that is capable of believing, the mind can do.

Here we share these beautiful reflections that will make you think better about how you love and care for your children, nothing is more important for children than making them feel that they are loved above all else.

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Phrases to dedicate to your children. Photo: Pexels

"My beautiful son, I want you to know that I have never had my hands busier and my heart so full of love, and I feel so fulfilled when I see you, I love you my son."

"You are the best thing that has happened to me in life, and when I feel like I can’t take it anymore, I just have to hug you to know that I’m stronger than I think, thank you my love"

"You are my reason for life, when I feel sad and empty, I watch you smile and as an act of magic I feel happy and full".

"The love of my life doesn’t call me princess, she calls me mom."

"Thank you God for sending me a wonderful daughter, and I want to thank you for all the kindness starting with the health of my son"

"Son of my life, you are the most beautiful chapter of my whole life"

"I will protect you until you are grown, and then, I will continue to protect you."

"From the moment I heard your heart beat, I knew that life had a better meaning"

"The love of a child lasts forever, and you are my eternal love, thank you son for choosing me as your mother, I love you.

"You are the reason why I became stronger … but you are still my weakness."

"As time goes by, I can’t believe how something so small can make me feel so happy."

"I believe in love at first sight because I love you from the first moment I saw you."