The most expensive jewels to show off are the arms of those who love you

The most expensive jewels to show off are the arms of those who love you

There is no more expensive jewel that is worth much more than the arms of the person you love hanging around your neck looking into your eyes and saying "I love you".

Money can buy a thousand things that give you instant and ephemeral happiness, it can even buy caresses, but it can never buy a true love and so strong that it dares to do anything for you, that is why the most expensive jewels you can Shining on your neck are the arms of someone who loves you, those who, when they have you trapped in them, do not want to let go.

There are very expensive necklaces that many would like to wear to everyone around them and everywhere to show how much they shine, but few are those who can boast of something truly invaluable, the sincere affection of someone, the most expensive jewels that you can wear. on your neck are the arms of those who love you and those who do not intend to let you go.

The most beautiful moments shared with special people that you adore so much and who have made a mark in your life, they cannot be bought even with all the gold, sometimes they spend it looking for wealth and only then begin to enjoy life, without realizing it. that your great treasure is right there in front of you hugging you and that life is passing while that happens.

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The most expensive jewels that you can wear around your neck are the arms of someone who loves you. Photo: Pexels.

There are several who say that the phrase "happiness cannot be bought" is a false and wrong idea, because with money in hand you can live experiences that make you have spectacular moments, and yes, perhaps from their perspective they are right, but what that cannot be bought is true love, sincere love, that which gives everything without expecting anything in return.

That is why love is that most wonderful treasure, because love is not bought, it is not sold, it is not imposed, nor can it be avoided, that feeling only happens without you realizing it, when you least think about it, it is already inserted there. in your heart, and only the people who really love, are the ones who can transmit so much security, affection and peace in each of their gestures, their laughs, their touch.

Love is a non-negotiable feeling, that is why when you have the affection of someone you should feel deeply grateful, when you receive a hug from that special person in your life, it is as if that contact was not given externally, but is heart with heart those who are joining in that embrace, it is an inexplicable feeling that overflows with tenderness.

That is why on your neck you will never be able to have a more expensive, more valuable and more impressive jewel, than the arms of the person you love, when that being places his arms on your neck, you feel lucky, it is like a catalyst that It helps you withstand every blow of life, it is that medicine that gives you the strength to get up from every fall.

The arms of the person you love seem to be that jewel with superpowers that you want to take with you as a lucky charm to fight every battle that faces you on a daily basis, that when they put those arms on your neck there is no more pain, there is only that feeling of gratitude for having her there by your side accompanying you.

And do you know whose arms are that become your most precious jewel? No, they are not only those of the person you chose as a sentimental partner, but also the arms of your children, your mother, your best friend, of your grandmother, of each and every one of the people who are with you always willing that in that contact of hugging you, they seek to tell you "I love you, you can count on me."