How Do You Know If You Really Love Someone?

How Do You Know If You Really Love Someone?

Do you really have a special feeling for that person or are you just obsessed? discover how to know if you really love someone or it is just a stage you are going through and there is no future in that feeling.

If you think that the signal to know if you are in love is to feel the butterflies in your stomach, then you probably will not decipher it quickly, better discover how to know if you really love someone with the following points that are presented to you, so you can clarify your feelings and deduce if it really is something special or just something temporary.

One thing is attraction and quite another is feeling something special for a person who is very close to you, how do you know if you really love someone? It is important to know what is really going on in your mind and in your heart so that you know how to act or at once move away so as not to cause collateral damage to you, or to those who keep you confused.

Do not fall into the wrong arms just because you think you do love the person, but later you discover that it was only attraction or you got carried away by the moment, better find out if you really love and if you are reciprocated, if not then it is better to look in another part, but if it’s real love, then make way for a nice romantic story.

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How do you know if you really love someone? Photo: Unsplash.

It is in your thoughts all day: That person is in your thoughts all day, his smile, his eyes, his face, his voice keep spinning in your head, everything you do directs you to the same person and you think on what the situation would be like if he were by your side at that precise moment, that is a clear sign that you really love and are in love to the bone.

Being by his side is the only thing you want: It does not matter if you saw him yesterday or just a couple of hours ago, what you want is not to be separated from him for a single moment, every time you spend at a distance you feel that it has been an eternity, alone You must be careful that it does not become an obsession and you do not want to be on top of that person all the time, because you will end up suffocating him and he will want to flee from your side.

You worry about what happens to him: You want to know if he is well, if something happens to him, you would feel that a part of your soul collapses, when he is sick you want to take care of him, pamper him, pamper him and you do not want him to suffer, you get involved in his problems and you want to help him to find a solution for each one, even if sometimes he bothers to get you into his affairs that he thinks he can solve without help.

You are excited to receive a message or call: Reading a notification from him on your mobile is the best thing for you, since a message or a call makes your heart race to the maximum and you feel what many call butterflies in your stomach, so if you You smile at the screen of your mobile when it is something from him, then you really love that special person.

You feel jealous if someone approaches you: You do not like that nobody else sees it with the same eyes that you see it, because you feel that you could lose it, but remember that what is for you you will not have to fight or protect, it will only stay If you have to fight for your place, then it is not worth it to continue there and you are only obsessing, be careful that this love does not turn into emotional dependence.