Leave That Toxic Love Before What April Happened To You With His Ex

Leave That Toxic Love Before What April Happened To You With His Ex

A stormy relationship was that between Abril Pérez Sagaón and Juan Carlos García, the story had a fatal outcome

Many times the phrase "love can do everything" is confused, which refers to fighting together to grow and not to be enduring abuse, so leave that toxic love before what April lived with her ex happens to you.

It is not about holding on or wanting to save something that does not do you good, a relationship must be fostered in respect and trust, if not then leave that toxic love before what April experienced with her ex happens to you, take care of yourself.

A fact that has hurt a large part of society is the death of Abril Pérez Sagaón, who was the wife of Juan Carlos García, former CEO of Amazon, she died a victim of two bullets, but let’s know her story.

Abril Pérez and Juan Carlos became the target of the gaze of many people , after they appeared in some media about a fight that took place at their home in Mexico City and that said dispute left the two wounded with knives and hits.


The reports collected from that fight showed that Abril had stabbed Juan Carlos in the chest with a sharp weapon and she had been beaten and showed signs of an attempted strangulation, according to close friends, it all started with an infidelity on the part of Abril.

What raised more commotion in this situation was that later Juan Carlos wrote on his Twitter account that his wife and lover had killed him and accompanied them with images of blood, a friend said that it was an atrocious act.


However, Juan Carlos immediately revealed that he had not died, he only had a lung wound from a stab wound by his wife Abril, but that he was in recovery.

Now, with the death of Abril, Vanessa Álvarez appeared, who gives a new version of what happened on that occasion, and affirms that that night Pérez Sagaón was attacked by Juan Carlos while she was sleeping, he threatened her with a bat and tried to cut her throat.

Later, in the hospital, Abril decided to divorce Juan Carlos and he was prosecuted for attempted murder, but he was released a few days ago, however Vanessa Álvarez points out that he hired a hit man to kill Abril in front of his children.

The act took place when Abril was heading to the airport with her children, when the hitmen’s vehicle caught up with her and shot her twice and her children witnessed everything, Vanessa said.

Now, relatives and friends of Abril, wait and fight so that the femicide of their loved one does not go unpunished and they will raise their voices so that this story does not happen to someone else.

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