Secrets Of Queen Elizabeth Videos That Show She Is Reptilian

Secrets Of Queen Elizabeth Videos That Show She Is Reptilian

Users on digital platforms show some videos where they show Queen Elizabeth with disfigurements and say that she is reptilian

There are various conspiracy theories that are said about royalty , mainly about Queen Elizabeth II to whom users have focused more, and they assure that she is a reptilian woman.

Queen Elizabeth II is a woman who draws attention for her mysticism, apparently there are many mysteries in her life according to a book published by Angela Kelly, she is the official dressmaker of the monarch and mentions that the queen has a royal assistant to that she tries on her new shoes and that she is the "wimp" who does it.

Another mystery that has driven the internet crazy are the videos where they claim that they have obtained proof that it is a reptilian being , this has given an endless debate. In the messages they leave in various videos they say that he eats children and drinks adrenochrome.

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According to publications on the internet, the reptilians walk among human beings, they infiltrated and want to conquer the world, although many say that they are the ones who occupy the highest positions in this world society.

In a video appears Queen Elizabeth and a description of how she apparently changes her eye. It is said that it is because it is reptilian that it has lasted so many years, that by the way it is currently 94 years old.

Within the same theories it is said that she takes a substance called adenochrome. It is said that in 1973 the philosopher Hubert Humdinger claimed that Queen Elizabeth has more energy than the sun because she eats human flesh.

We share the video of the youtubers who state that the queen is reptilian. The mysteries are many and every day they accumulate more like the crazy idea that she eats children, but that is another topic.

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