Colonial Furniture, A Current Option In Decoration

Colonial Furniture, A Current Option In Decoration

It seemed that it had disappeared, but the colonial furniture is still very present in the decoration, filling everything that surrounds it with color with accessories

Warm, powerful, colonial furniture is still very present in the decoration of living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens, although they no longer always come from Asia, the style and characteristics remain intact.

The PortobelloStreet firm has opted for this type of decoration and presents "Auhentico", a collection of colonial-style furniture that combined with intense colors provide a feeling of warmth, optimism as well as the desire to sit down to chat or read a book.

"Our intention is to achieve environments that are practical, current, full of life," says the firm.


A proposal that focuses on solid wood tables, which combined with varied chairs and colored cushions, and as a complement a fun carpet on the feet offer an image of the very lively dining room, where not only lunch and dinner are served, the of a space in which comfort calls for accommodation.

"The furniture is made of sheesham wood, considered one of the hardest and most noble, with a natural water-based finish, with a clear colonial inspiration with timeless tints that combine with pieces of other decorative styles", comment the interior designers of the firm.

The sideboards and shelves, which serve from the ideal place to put books, to the perfect space to put pictures and souvenirs, with some of the most common accessories.

"The key is to achieve that apparently dense furniture is combined with accessories that are not so dense", such as colored cushions or stitched rocking chairs so that the environment is a perfect combination of comfort and an eclectic style.
Colonial furniture, also at work

Colonial furniture, also at work

Office furniture does not escape this trend either. A place where practicality and the need for order prevail, but without sacrificing style.

Stackable wooden cubes fixed to the wall or superimposed on the floor can be an ideal option to achieve an eminently office spirit, in which the coldness that a workspace sometimes transmits is drastically diluted.

The lamps are also another of the accessories to consider, where the cane or the braided thread play a main role to illuminate.

Banak Importa, one of the most representative colonial-style companies, is committed to an integral concept of decoration "to adapt it to the needs of each client", they indicate from the firm where they have room from projects for small urban homes, to large country houses, from the beach or key rooms in the home, such as the bedrooms of new members of the family, through offices and businesses.

Natural, more Nordic styles, with a bohemian touch, where the straight lines are the ones that mark the step to a furniture in which the toasted tone of dark wood is no longer the king and the immaculate white, with an industrial touch is the one that fill the bedroom space with tables, dressers and headboards in this style.

“For us, each project is unique and we face it with the responsibility that comes from knowing that a person has chosen us to be part of their life, their day to day, through the decoration of their home, their favorite place. of the world. For this reason, our leitmotiv is to create the home that our client has always dreamed of ”, explains Ruth Ros, director of communication for Banak Importa.

"For us, every little detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is essential to achieve a warm, comfortable and above all lived home, faithful to the tastes of its owners", points out Carolina Calvo, director of styling of the brand, who considers that each Housing must have coherence and the challenge of each home is "to always achieve to impregnate each project with the personality and tastes of its owners".