For Love She Donates A Kidney To Her Husband To Continue Living

For Love She Donates A Kidney To Her Husband To Continue Living

The press of the Mexican Institute of Social Security released a story full of love and medical success, a young woman donated her kidney to her husband, performing a transplant without mishap.

Although tragic situations happen inside a hospital in which no one wants to be involved, there are also stories that deserve to be told to fill with hope, such as the one about this couple who carried out a true test of love, donates a kidney to her husband to continue living and stay together writing their history.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security announced an event of medical success, but that was hand in hand with a deep feeling of affection and struggle, a true proof of love, she donates a kidney to her husband to continue living and staying together hand in hand moving forward, his life story has moved many of the users.

In the midst of the COVID-19 cases that are known daily and that fill many with sadness and fear, there are also other stories that are a ray of hope and respite in the face of the pandemic, such as the story of this marriage that is grateful and ready to continue their romance together, he needed a kidney transplant and she did not hesitate to donate it to him.

The press area of ​​the Mexican Institute of Social Security shared a story of medical success and love that deserves to be shared on the Mexican Government portal, also on the official social networks of the institution, some photographs of this event that occurred in the Hospital General de Zona (HGZ) No. 48 “San Pedro Xalpa”.

In this hospital, the specialist doctors of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) performed a successful kidney transplant from a living donor, it is a 34-year-old woman who goes by the name of Berenice, the lucky one to receive this organ? her husband Marco Antonio, who is the same age and who suffers from renal hypoplasia, a congenital decrease in the size of this vital organ.

Dr. Juan Antonio Frías Rivera, general surgeon and head of the hospital’s Transplant Unit, explained that the case of Marco Antonio is not frequent, since transplants are not performed in living donors regularly when there is no consanguinity bond, but What motivated Berenice to agree to help her husband was love.

This is a rare case in living donors, where they do not have consanguinity, but there is a love bond as the main reason, to the extent that she undergoes extraction surgery without any commitment

The story of Marco Antonio painted to be not easy to get a donor, he developed chronic kidney failure two years ago, in his case the transplant was planned in advance, but he fell ill with COVID-19 in December 2020, so He was referred to replacement therapy with hemodialysis.

For just over a year, Berenice began the procedure to be able to donate the kidney to her husband, she is a young, healthy woman with no significant history, in addition to sharing the same blood group as her beloved, Marco Antonio he has turned out to be a lucky man, as there are approximately 15 thousand people waiting for a kidney.

To be able to donate a kidney to my husband is to give him life, love, goodness and a better quality, because as kidney patients they go through many processes, changes, discomfort. It is very important to donate while alive because we can all help many people who are sick

Berenice is happy to be able to give her husband a chance at life, while Marco Antonio is a bit worried, as he affirms that the fact that his wife has donated a kidney is not something minor and he does not want something to happen to him, he has the hope that everything continues to go well. This procedure was performed on June 22, the couple has evolved satisfactorily and they are recovering at home.